May 26, 2013

How To Dress For the Red Carpet – Cannes Edition

When you get that call inviting you to an exclusive...

When you get that call inviting you to an exclusive red carpet event, what do you wear? Most red carpet events tend to be formal, better known as a black-tie affair. Last week, I attended the Cannes Film Festival with HP and I’ve decided to share my personal guide on how to dress for the red carpet.

1. You need a tuxedo!

A tuxedo is the great equalizer and makes everyone look sharp & gentleman-like. My tuxedo of choice is by Tiger of Sweden. It is called the Sinatra tuxedo and it is absolutely amazing. I prefer a shawl collar over typical lapels: I think it’s a great update to the classic tux.


Super-slim-fitting, exquisitely styled men’s tuxedo suit jacket tailored in wool fabric. Jacket features satin shawl collar. Two buttons – not the customary single one – at front gives modern twist. Satin-covered buttons and satin-jetted pockets. Well-tailored fit. Lean, clean silhouette. Comes with Herris trousers. Tuxedo detail: black satin strip decorates length of outer sides, from waist to foot. Low rise, slim fit and narrow leg.

2. Tuxedo shirt.

I like to keep my brand selections together, so I decided on a great-fitting Tiger of Sweden Tuxedo shirt. It is called the Bolin Tuxedo and it has a few details that I love such as the bib front, wing-tip collar, hidden channel for a bowtie and only one visible button at the top. I love when the buttons are hidden so you don’t have to worry about button caps.


Men’s tuxedo shirt with bib front, tailored in high-quality textured cotton. Wing tip collar with corner edges gracefully bent over. Hidden channel for bowtie. One visible button at top – rest are concealed. High, short yoke at upper back. French cuffs for links.

3. You need cufflinks!

Having style and looking great is all in the details. I believe the right pair of cufflinks can enhance the look of any suit. I’ve always preferred oval shaped cufflinks as oppose to squares or other shapes, I find them a lot more sophisticated. My cufflinks of choice are these Tateossian of London in black & silver.

4. A great pair of shoes.

Some people believe that you can tell a lot about a man by the type of shoes he wears. For a tuxedo, I prefer double monk straps over any other type of shoe… Why? They’re slick, sophisticated and look exceptional with a slim-fitting tuxedo. I decided on the Magnanni double monk strap in leather called the BENITO. These are simply amazing.

5. A bowtie is a must!

For red carpet events it is almost mandatory for you to wear a bowtie, it really takes the idea of formal to the next level. I opted for a black velvet bowtie from Harry Rosen. I love the look of a puffy bowtie with a tux: It gives you that movie star look. I don’t think it really matters if you wear a self-tie bowtie or if you get one that you have to tie yourself, it’s about the look. Velvet looks rich and mature.

6. The pocket square.

Don’t leave your tuxedo naked. I like the classic way of wearing a pocket square, which is the straight fold. I think it’s the way James Bond would have styled it. I like to use handkerchiefs: They have more layers and make your pocket square look perfect.

The straight-fold is the most simple of the pocket square folds. What you’ll end up with is a small rectangle peeking out of your suit pocket.

How to do it:

- Lay your pocket square flat.
- Bring the left side to right side
- Bring the bottom towards the top, but don’t fold it all the way.
- Fold the fabric in thirds horizontally so that it will fit your suit pocket.

7. A comfortable and colorful pair of socks!

I love Happy Socks: They really make you happy! The color you choose doesn’t really matter in my opinion, as long as they are comfortable and give you the right color pop. I decided on these optic-colored Happy Socks to make your look pop.

Voila! Now you are ready for any formal red carpet event. Just make sure you work on your pose!

Thanks to Tiger of Sweden for outfitting me for Cannes Film Festival.

Tuxedo: Tiger Of Sweden – $900 USD
Tuxedo Shirt: Tiger Of Sweden – $200 USD
Cufflinks: Tateossian-London – $175 USD
Pocket Square: Harry Rosen – $20 USD
Socks: Happy Socks – $13 USD
Shoes: Magnanni Double Monk Straps – $400 USD

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