Mar 02, 2015

Trend Watch: Wide Brimmed Hats

Wide brimmed hats have been gaining traction lately on the...

Wide Brimmed Hats

Wide brimmed hats have been gaining traction lately on the runways across the globe. From New York to Milan, this distant cousin of the fedora has been adorning the heads of stylish gentlemen everywhere. Long gone are the days of the cheesy fedoras worn by the likes of Jeremy Piven & Kevin Federline. The wide brimmed hat is the perfect accessory for the stylish gentleman on the go who isn't afraid to stand out.

Instead of being structured & made out of a sturdy material, the most popular wide brimmed hats have lately been made of wool or felt, allowing the shape of the hat to take a life of its own. It takes a certain kind of confidence to rock this look, but as all rocker influenced trends are, you need to truly own your look to pull it off. The wide brimmed hat is truly versatile, pair it with a simple t-shirt & jeans for a casual look to even skinny black pants, button down & leather jacket for a more sophisticated rocker chic look.

Create your own truly unique look with a wide brimmed hat. Allow your hat to transform your look. I love how a seemingly simple accessory can truly take on a life on its own.




ASOS / Larose

Lock & Co / Club Monaco

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