Aug 04, 2014

Travel in style: Accessories to use for a better trip

Traveling in style is very important as a comfortable trip...

Traveling in style is very important as a comfortable trip will have a boosting effect on your attitude. Style, as we always say, is not limited to clothes, accessories and hairstyles, but it also refers to the way you do things and to the way you organize things in your life. These things fall for us under the “metafashion” category and are just as important as those that fall under the fashion category. Traveling should be done light and effective. Each component of your travel experience should be taken care of down to the smallest detail. Paying attention to details can make the difference between a trip that feels like a holiday and a tiring event.

Your clothes can have a big impact on your travels, but so can the accessories you make use of and the way you pack your bags.

In this quick guide, we will take a look at a few key accessories you can use to make your travels more effective, more relaxing and more elegant.


Passport holders

If you want a very stylish way to carry your passport, a leather passport holder is definitely an accessory you must have. Many passport holders allow you to stock other documents as well. This can have a lot of advantages, as you want all your travel documents to be in one place. This way, you can always have them handy, check whether something is missing and be organized.

Regardless of whether you travel often or very rarely, a passport holder can be a very useful tool. It will protect your documents from folding or tearing which is why we always recommend getting one that is made out of a strong fabric, such as natural leather. Keeping your passport in good shape is important, as a damaged passport can cause issues when it is checked or it can tear and therefore it will need to be replaced ahead of its expiration time, making you spend valuable money and time on creating a new one.

Passport holders come in different designs and styles, from protective films that only care for  the passport’s front and back to the more practical, book jacket-style passport, which are generally stronger and more reliable.


Billykirk Passport Holder

A Billykirk passport holder


Some people prefer keeping their passports in travel organizers, which are basically a mix between passport holders and big wallets. These organizers allow you to store all your important cards, tickets and other documents in one place, but we feel that they are not very practical. There are two reasons why we would not advise you to use large travel organizers. First, people who take out big wallets full of documents can more easily be targeted by thieves, and, should you be the victim of such a theft, you would lose all your documents at once, not having anything to prove that you are who you claim you are. Secondly, storing so many things in one place will make you need to go through all of them each time you check the case. Having a small passport holder, where you keep just your passport, ticket and some money will make you discover at a glance if something is missing. Passport – check, ticket – check, money –check.

If you however decide to opt for a travel organizer, make sure that it closes down with a zipper. Otherwise, you risk having something fall out without you or somebody else noticing it. Sometimes, businessmen who travel a lot carry document cases where they also store their passports and other important documents. However, some businessmen feel that these are too big and opt for small passport holders. In the end, it is really up to you what style you chose, as it needs to fulfill your needs only.


RFID passport holders

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags are embedded today in certain credit cards and passports. The reason for this is that it allows readers to read a RF chip from a distance. RFID passport holders are made from a technology that blocks the reading of RF chips, as many people are concerned that the RFID technology they carry around could be abused by hackers. If you are carrying a RFID passport or credit card, you can consider getting a passport with RFID reading protection.


Luggage tags

Luggage tags are simple tags that a traveler attaches to his bag in order to make the owner more easily identifiable. They come in all shapes and sizes and, besides the practical advantages; they can also make great accessories for your luggage, allowing you to express your style through small details attached to your travel bag.


Lotuff Leather Business Leather Luggage Tag

A Lotuff leather business luggage tag.


Writing your name on a sticker or tying a paper to your bag is really not the way to go. Besides from the unpleasant aesthetic factor, sticking paper or plastic to your bag is really not very practical, as these might fall off and disappear.

If you decide to get a luggage tag, we recommend that you get a strong one, made from a reliable fabric such as leather.

Some luggage tags allow you to write your name on them, your initials or simply represent a picture or a noticeable pop of color in case you don’t want your data very clearly displayed (some people add the address where they are going on their tags or other information, in case the bag gets lost). Choosing a style is up to you, but we do recommend getting a luggage tag, as they can help you identify your luggage faster.


Clothes bags

Clothes bags are bags specialized to host clothes. There are two main reasons why you would want to carry clothes bags with you. Number one, it is important to be able to separate your clothes from other things you might carry, such as shoes, documents or even food. Secondly, when your trip is over, it is crucial that you divide the clean clothes from the dirty ones, and this is where clothes bags come into play.

Using bags when packing is a helpful action that will make it easier for you to go through your things once you reach your destination, as your belongings will be a lot more organized.


Flight 001 F1 Spacepak Clothes Bag

A Flight 001 F1 Spacepak clothes bag



Shoes bags

Shoes bags have pretty much the same purpose as clothes bags. They separate your shoes from the rest of the things you carry with you and make sure that they are well-sealed and protected. Specialized shoes bags can do a better job than using regular bags, as they will seal the shoes and separate them from the other things. Moreover, they are generally made to fit the sizes of the shoes, therefor taking just the space they need, without adding any more bulk to your travel bag.


Flight 001 F1 Spacepak Shoe Bag

A Flight 001 F1 Spacepak Shoe Bag



Using travel accessories will make you be more organized and therefore more relaxed. Whatever the purpose of your trip, applying a these easy tips can enhance your experience and take you places.


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