May 05, 2014

Trashness Illustrated for the Daily Fashion Project

Visitors doubled every week. We wanted our visitors to contribute...


The blog was founded in 2010, we- Amin Eftegarie & Maarten van Damme- often discussed men’s fashion and decided to start a blog to inspire ourselves. We posted pics of clothing we loved and wanted to save/use as inspiration. Visitors doubled every week. We wanted our visitors to contribute and asked them to submit pictures of themselves. In the beginning 80% of the submitted content wasn’t good enough to publish. A few months ago we decided to focus on submitted content. We really love the discussion and advice in the comments and we think a lot of people who submit find that very valuable.


The store has been around since 12-12-12. At least officially. On this date we registered Trashness at the Dutch chamber of commerce. We’re based in the Netherlands, in a small town called Nieuw-Vennep (suburbs of Amsterdam). The rent is low here. The Dutch are known for trying to save money in every situation you can think of. That state of mind helped us to cut costs. We aim to deliver high quality clothing and accessories at fair and affordable prices, while maintaining a respectable brand. We offer free worldwide shipping on all products, so 99% of our orders are outside NL. (our top destinations: USA, Italy, UK, Japan etc).

We care a little less about our profit margins, and a little more about getting students (and other people who can’t afford real bespoke clothing) across the world the style and quality of clothing we wished some company was offering when we were broke students.

Perhaps all those company background stories might sound the same. The best communication we do, is trough the quality and branding of our products and the awesome custom service we give when something’s not up to our standards. | instagram @sunflowerman | twitter @sunflowermatt

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