Oct 04, 2013

Transitions Collaborates with ic! BERLIN

Transitions collaborates with ic! Berlin for a range of new...

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Transitions collaborates with ic! Berlin for a range of new collection that will make your life a little bit easier. Transitions offers light adaptive technology that provides protection for your eyes from the sun. The lenses will adapt to the light condition and will automatically adjust their tint––the lenses go darker when the sun is brighter and become clearer when it’s not as bright.

ic! Berlin produces and markets screwless sheet- metalglasses. They focus on the clip-on hinge system––it holds both the frame and temple by using a detachable clip. What this means is that you can disassemble and reassemble the glasses individually.

These amazing glasses are available right now with the price starting from £290 for the metal frames and acetate frames from £300.

Transitions Signature lenses and Guenther graphite by IC Berlin LR

Transitions Signature lenses and Klavierspieler Klaus black rough by IC Berlin LR

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