Jun 25, 2014

Towering Above Trends: Oliver Spencer S/S 15

When the pencils are out and the inspiration boards are...

When the pencils are out and the inspiration boards are beginning to take shape for spring and summer lines, most designers cannot shake the impact of the waterfront when it comes to providing inspiration for their collections. With everyone from Michael Bastian to local designers choosing this as their inspiration, the nautical feeling although ageless, can seem a little played out from time to time. However, when Oliver Spencer debuted his S/S 15 collection at the LC:M a few weeks ago, it was easy to see that the man and brand had gone a different route when looking for inspiration for their newest collection.


The inspiration for the S/S 15 line was drawn from sculptor, Luis Barragán's signature work, Torres de Satélite. In the 5-tower urban sculpture, Barragan used the colors red, yellow, blue, and white to best illustrate light, form, and space. These colors, in addition to black, provide the basic color palette for the collection. Even though the collection includes some sharply tailored pieces, it's hard to miss the bohemian feel and relaxed fit that is present elsewhere in the collection, which draws its inspiration from the artist's smock and lifestyle.


Although the nautical trend will never go out of style, it's often refreshing to see a designer take the road less traveled. Oliver Spencer has consistently shown the industry that with a backbone of solid tailoring and a tasteful mix of trends, it's easy to draw inspiration from almost anywhere, and still provide a great collection.


**All pictures used c/o oliverspencer.co.uk**

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