Sep 17, 2014

Topo Designs Backpack Tote. From the Mountains to the Market to the Meeting.

I was reading the latest Esquire recently and there was...

Topo Designs Backpack Tote

I was reading the latest Esquire recently and there was a snippet in their, “How to Dress Like a Man” section, or some reasonable facsimile, that said something along the lines of, Totes are the new backpacks and backpacks are the new fannypacks. (It might have been longer, but I don’t have the issue in front me of.) Anyway, it struck me as odd given all bags and packs serve quite different functions. But I see the point I think they were trying to make This is probably more urbane-centric, highlighting that a stereotypical “professional” man prefers the classic look of a tote or briefcase versus the bulky backpack that causes back sweat wrinkled shirts. So, hey, leave it to Topo Designs to just go ahead and combine the two via their new Backpack Tote.

Topo Designs Backpack Tote

Walk into the boardroom with confidence without having to peel a pack from your back. Throw your tote on the table, whip out your Powerbook from the padded laptop sleeve with organizer pocket and get going on your presentation. Then, when you get the promotion and the corner office, take off with two fingers in the air. But if you hate that old, “one arm is tired gotta switch hands, now this arm is tired gotta switch hands,” noise, just take out the stowable backpack straps and carry it hands-free. It’s slim enough to not bump into anyone when you’re juking on the sidewalks, but roomy enough for your essentials. It’s also strong like what with 1000d CORDURA® fabric outer. And you’re hands are free to high-five strangers. (Strangers love high-fives. It’s science.)

The Backpack Tote is now available on the Topo Designs site for a cool $139. It’s set up in a variety of colors depending on what you’re wearing that day. Remember, though, black goes with everything.

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