Mar 07, 2014

#topfivefave: MODELS (Updated)

5. Adrien Sahores / 4. Adonis Bosso / 3. Arthur...

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5. Adrien Sahores / 4. Adonis Bosso / 3. Arthur Gosse / 2. Ben Allen / 1. Miles McMillan

I take it wouldn't be hard to guess that Miles McMillan is my still my favorite model of the moment! After my first ever MEET THE MODEL and this wonderful response:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.02.50 PM.png

I couldn't just go without a good follow up! Miles has walked for Jeremy Scott and Richard Chai's Fall/Winter '14 show and also in Trina Turk's presentation. He continues to maintain a quirky and envy-invoking web presences on Instagram, a total must follow! 

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