Oct 15, 2015

Why Topcoats Are A Worthy Investment This Fall

Most menswear enthusiasts seem to lean towards fall as being...

Most menswear enthusiasts seem to lean towards fall as being their favourite season of the year . It’s the season where you’ll be able to wear more than a t-shirt and not get called out for being a bougy d-bag if you have on a blazer or sportcoat. There are generally more accessories and options for men to experiment with due to the cooler temperatures. Like I said in my previous post, when it comes to fall/winter dressing, a solid piece of outerwear can be the foundation of your fall wardrobe. I may be a little late but, I don’t think there is a better coat to invest in than a topcoat this season.

Top Coat # 2

A topcoat is one coat I think any man, no matter how old you are and what style or look you’re going for, can put on and look pretty damn cleaned up. Having a topcoat around the next few months can be a versatile anchor that can effortlessly work with a wide variety of your fall/winter wardrobe.


Most Topcoats are made of wool so they’re definitely functional enough to keep you warm in the fall. When the temperature drops off, the coat can easily be layered with a vest, so rest assured, you can wear a topcoat well into winter.


Yes, there are other outerwear silhouettes that work have the same flexibility of a topcoat, so why am I pushing you so hard for you to at least consider one? The coat perfectly parallels with what is happening with menswear at the moment – purchasing something that can act as a blank canvas to express your own personal style. We’re in the wear-it-how-you-want-to era of menswear, and the topcoat gives you the sartorial freedom to wear it how you best see fit. It also doesn’t hurt that the coat adds a touch of sophistication to whatever you’re pairing it with.

Top Coat # 1

For myself I just like to keep things simple and casual. I often pair my Top coat with a hoodie, black denim, sneakers and a snapback. The coat just does a really nice job elevating these sportswear basics without looking out of place

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