Feb 25, 2013

Top Notch

Shown: 1. Penguin Stripe Shirt / 2. Lyle and Scott...


1. Penguin Stripe Shirt / 2. Lyle and Scott Jacket / 3. Humor T-Shirt / 4. Farah Vintage Pattern Shirt  / 5. Humor T-Shirt / 6. Carhartt T-Shirt / 7. Farah Vintage Sweatshirt / 8. Humor Stripe T-Shirt

When I shop online, one of the first categories I click within any website is “Shirts”. I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to tops. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my jeans or trousers (I’ll wear the same ones over and over) but I can throw on a different shirt and create an entire new look. When UK e-tailer Northern Threads asked me to select my favorite shirts from their site, I had a hard time choosing my favorites; there were so many! These eight tops are items I’m hoping to see in my closet very soon…

Haven’t checked out Northern Threads? Shop today and be sure to check out their current sale!

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