Jan 28, 2015

Top Four Sportswear Brands from Fitness Professional Corey Brown

With social media providing a platform for everyone to promote...

With social media providing a platform for everyone to promote themselves, being physically fit is becoming increasingly important. If you have a Facebook or Instagram profile you understand why, selfies! Everyone from grandmothers to corporate professionals are taking and sharing selfies on their profiles and I don't blame them. Nothing is wrong with a lot of self-love.


To get the 'skinny' on fitness gear, I reached out to fitness professional, Corey Brown to get his top brand picks. Here's what he had to say:

"Did you know there is research that suggests our clothing carries symbolic meaning that facilitates particular performance behaviors? In other words, what we wear influences what we do. This means you can invest in workout gear that will help motivate you to knock out awesome exercises. Which also means being intentional about your performance gear that will help you get the body you need to take the shirtless selfies that will get all the ladies to like your post."

Here are four of Corey's favorite brands:




Adidas is top on my list because Adidas offers custom solutions for all sportswear needs. It's indisputable that the company manufactures top-quality sports goods which range from sports clothing, watches, bags, shirts, eye-wear, footwear, etc. Because I have a deep appreciation for hip-hop culture, it only helps that Run DMC took a liking to the brand and helped merged art and sports; which later set the everlasting street fashion trend off and marked the birth of non-athletic promotions in the sporting goods industry.



Just like Adidas, Reebok is a classic. It's been around since before my time and is one of the leading sports brands in the world. More specifically, it has a wide range of running shoes. I recommend Reebok shoes for routine runners. I love my Nanowebs!



When it comes to quality Nike, it is listed amongst the classics like Adidas and Reebok. I recommend Nike because of the quality fabrics, and ability to stay within the leading brands of sportswear.



Again, with the rise of social media the need to be stylish is also at an all-time high. H&M is known for providing designer styled clothing for an affordable price. They've now added a sportswear line. I love their sportswear because it fuses the latest urban trends with fabrics that are suitable to withstand the activity of fitness enthusiasts.

Corey can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/cyo.brown

Phaon K. Spurlock & Corey Brown