Feb 19, 2015

8 Great Things to Do in London: an Animated Guide

If you’re planning a trip to London any time soon,...

If you’re planning a trip to London any time soon, motion designer Al Boardman has created a short animation to help you decide how to spend your time in the UK capital. English School Kaplan International asked 535 London students to describe their dream day in London, and the most popular sightseeing suggestions were animated and included in the cute clip. If you’ve already been to London, is there anything you would have included?

London-cityguide_feeldesain_01 London-cityguide_feeldesain_02 London-cityguide_feeldesain_03 London-cityguide_feeldesain_04 London-cityguide_feeldesain_05 London-cityguide_feeldesain_06 London-cityguide_feeldesain_07

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