Nov 19, 2014

TOP 10 | Winter Wishlist 2014

TOP 10 | Winter Wishlist When the weather gets colder...

TOP 10 | Winter Wishlist
Moncler, Paul Smith, Julius, Alexander McQueen


When the weather gets colder it only gives us more reasons to shop :)

If you've already got your winter wardrobe mapped out, that doesn’t change anything. You will still need more clothes! If you don't, that’s better… Here is my top 10 A.K.A wishlist for colder-weather trends.

The Summary of the list

  • Moncler is a must during winter. keeps you cold and polished!
  • Miansai is always my favourite for whole years. You don't have to wait for a specific season.
  • Paul Smith is one of my favorite brands for menswear.
  • Neil Barret - no need to comment on this. It rocks!
  • Alexander McQueen is the queen of patterns and you ghouls use some cool patterns for your winter look to stay in style.

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