Sep 25, 2014

Top 10: Custom Sneakers

For some sneakerheads, a normal sneaker isn’t enough. They’re just...


For some sneakerheads, a normal sneaker isn’t enough. They’re just not special enough in their opinion. Therefore, there are people who customize your sneakers for you, so you can stand out from the crowd even more. From a simple ‘color editing’ job to painting some dangerous sea-monsters all over the Nike’s of an ocean loving sneaker freak. We’ve seen them in all sorts, and we decided to make a selection of 10 of, in our opinion, the greatest customized sneakers. Which one do you like most and which one does not deserve its spot in this list? Leave us a comment!

Please note: this top 10 is randomly selected. Number 1 does not necessarily top our list.


1. Nike Air Force 1 “Victorian King” by JGoods

This pair was handpainted for the wedding of a client. It actually looks very simple, but it’s all done without the use of a stencil. A good choice for such a special day, ain’t it?


2. Nike Roshe Run Supreme Custom

“Hey, I know that pattern!” You’re right. It’s from the Nike Foamposite One x Supreme drop from a few months ago. Take a look at the same pattern on a pair of Roshe Runs, should Supreme join forces with Nike again and put this pair of sneakers on the shelves?


3. Nike Air Max 90 Tropical/Floral Print

Take a look at this one. If you’re going on a trip to Hawaii, this sunny pair of shoes would perfectly fit in, wouldn’t they?


4. adidas Originals ZX Flux Ocean via mi ZX FLUX

There it is, the great custom project of Adidas. These mi ZX Flux sneakers which can be customized in any way the customer wishes. We’ve really seen loads of creations, but for this list we selected 1 of them. Well, here it is. Stylish with an adventurous look. Do you like them?


5. All-white Timberlands

As lots of brands already have their own customize tab waving at you on their website, custom shoes are actually very easy to get in many cases. Well, okay. If you want handpainted kicks, it will be a different story. But let’s take a look at these all-white timberlands. No big deal, you can just create them step by step at the brand’s website. And believe me, you will definetely stand in the spotlights with these on your feet.


6. Balenciaga Arena by fromvirginiaben

Take a look at this beautiful pair of handpainted Arena’s. For £649 GBP you could have been the owner of this piece (actually two pieces) of art. Unfortunately, they’re sold out..

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-25 om 16.32.53

7. Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 by yeahlano

See them standing there. The eye-cathers over there are customized Nike x Riccardo Tisci sneakers. We think the paint adds something really cool to this pair of shoes, do you agree?

image (1)

8. Nike Air Force 1 Low by Born Originals

Staying in the Tisci-theme, if you ain’t got no Tisci’s, then give your nike a Tisci twist. The black Nike Air Force 1 Low are decorated with the famous rottweiler and the number ’17’. Do you like this custom job?


9. Nike Red Huaraches by APEX LONDON

For those who missed the Yeezy Red Octobers but still want to rock some hot red shoes, this might be a good solution. The all Red Nike Huaraches. We like them, how about you?

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-25 om 16.50.37

10. Nike Air Yeezy II “Red October” Holy Grail by Noldoscustoms

We want to conclude this top 10 with a pair of golden Yeezy II’s. So, you got your hands on a pair of shoes people are offering thousands of dollars for. Would you dare to customize them? Not the most beautiful pair of shoes, but golden Yeezy 2’s, come on, that’s cool. Ain’t it? Share your opinion on this pair of kicks with us.

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