Apr 29, 2015

This Glass Tea House Installation Is the Most Zen Place in the World

Tokujin Yoshioka just unveiled his Kou-An Glass Tea House installation, a modern take on the Japanese tea ceremony.


By Carles Casado

Tokujin Yoshioka, the highly-awarded Japanese designer and artist has recently unveiled the KOU-AN Glass Tea House and it's spectacular, period.

The Tea House consisting of clear glass walls is currently being exhibited at Seiryu-den's breathtaking platform located at Shogunzuka mound in Kyoto. The project called, KOU-AN Glass Tea House, transcends a modernized tea house.




It's about the evolution of the culture, the evolution of the Tea ceremony for the Japanese. Traditionally, Tea Houses are filled with flowers. However, the glitter effect achieved by the designer reminds visitors of water ripples spread out on the surface providing a truly incredible feeling of connection with natural light and its sorroundings.


(All images courtesy of Tokujin Yoshioka)

Tokujin, who established his renowned firm in 2000, thinks that "the important thing for tracing the “origin” is perceiving the time that is created along with nature".

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