Mar 03, 2014

Todd Snyder White Label Menswear

Todd Snyder White Label Menswear designer Todd Snyder has set...

Todd Snyder White Label Menswear

Todd Snyder White Label

Menswear designer Todd Snyder has set his sights on more affordable line for AW14. The new range, dubbed White Label, is the result of a collaboration with American supplier Peerless Clothing.

The idea for the lower-priced offering came after Snyder was approached by executive vice president of Nordstrom, David Witman. The upscale fashion retailer currently stocks Todd Snyder suits, with prices starting at £1,127.

“[David] liked my style and asked if there was a way I could rethink my tailored clothing and pare down the price,” the designer told WWD.

It has been confirmed that White Label products are to be produced in the Hart Schaffner Marx clothing factory in Chicago. The firm has specialised in suit making for many years:

“I flew to the factory and deconstructed their suit and reinvented it. The younger guy can wear it but it won’t alienate an older customer either. It’s a tasteful, modern take on clothing,” explained Snyder.

The designer, who recently unveiled his mainline collection, is hoping the new line will inspire other designers to come up with more affordable pieces.

“We want to revolutionise menswear… I want to dress a lot of people and don’t want to be exclusive. This is the first thing that will have scale and [thanks to Peerless], we don’t have to do the heavy lifting.”

Peerless already produces tuxedos, tailored suits and sports coats under brands such as Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY on its website.

Todd’s Snyder’s addition to the roster is set to launch this autumn. Suits are to be priced between $795 (£475) and $995 (£595), with sports coats to be sold at $695 (£415).

Todd Snyder SS14 Mainline Collection

Todd Snyder White Label

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Todd Snyder White Label Menswear

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