May 25, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About the Minimalist Trend

Have you guys noticed how men’s and women’s fashion trends look a lot cleaner lately? Minimalism is here to stay, and we've rounded up everything you need to know to master the trend.


Have you guys noticed how men’s and women’s fashion trends look a lot cleaner lately? In a world that is so crowded with information, colors, an overload of images and constant “busyness”, having a clean and serene look might be the only “serene” thing in your life. Fashion trends had its days of bold and bright but now minimalist seems to be the word of choice.

When we speak of minimalist it means using very basic color pallets like black, white and grey, and keeping the designs open to creativity, as far as shapes and tailoring, with no set rules of how fitted or loose your pants should be for example.

All shapes are welcomed. Kanye West for instance is using a lot of oversize clothing. You also see a lot of clothes with the box-like shape, so anything goes. This however does not mean sloppy! All shapes, sizes and proportions are welcomed but the clothes have to be of very high quality with the best fabric and very well done as this is luxe minimalist.

kanye west minimalist look

The accessories also should stay within the theme of minimalism. The end result should be a modern and clean look.

Armani is known for his minimalist styles and Alexander Wang went all out on the minimalist trend this year. If you look at the runways you will notice the sleek and simple styles all over. I prefer the Armani way, as my style doesn’t fit into the “street style category” that you see a lot with Wang

emporio-armani-mens-spring-summer-2015-mfw36 emporio-armani-mens-spring-summer-2015-mfw6 emporio-armani-mens-spring-summer-2015-mfw4 emporio-armani-mens-spring-summer-2015-mfw8 emporio-armani-mens-spring-summer-2015-mfw40

Even though, as I mentioned that all proportions are allowed, I personally would still try to keep it some what “traditional”. But yes do have some fun when dressing up, just don’t go too crazy and show up at work with a Kanye West style.

Colors To Invest In:

minimalist menswear

Definitely invest in black and white pieces. Grey, nudes and occasionally dark blue should also be in your closet. I love a nice white t-shirt and now you can pair it with just about anything, thanks to Beckham.

This color palette is also very budget friendly as this is the kind of clothes that you will be able to wear for a long time, as you know black and white are never out of fashion. Hopefully you actually already have some nice black and white pieces.


minimalist shoes Source:

Keep you shoes simple as well by sticking to the simple colors again like black, white and dark blue. If you are going to wear sneakers just make sure you are not wearing the bright multi color Asics type that I see at the gym everyday(terrifying).


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When it comes to accessories you don’t want a statement piece, on the contrary, you want something very subtle. So don’t invest in anything that has a big logo right in your face or that is very shiny, instead look for simple and chic styles like a nice simple silver cuff or a plain gold watch.

Keep accessories to a minimum, less equals more!

Luxe Sporty Minimalist:

The sporty trend met the luxe minimalist trend this year. This is pretty cool as you can wear more sporty looks, however I am not talking about sporty as in wearing your Warriors shirt for a night out, but rather something that has the structure of a basketball jersey but for instance all black with a small detail in white.

This is about wearing the designs of sporty clothes but with expensive fabrics and the plain palette we already talked about.

Here are some examples of what to wear so you can get a better grasp of this trend:

Grungy Gentleman 2015 Y-3 Spring/Summer 2015 Zegna Sport 2015


One of the best places I recommend to shop for a minimalist clothing if you are on a budget, would be at and Theses two places are always up to date and they carry the last trending pieces of clothing from men’s fashion today.

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