Feb 11, 2015

The XS400 by Macco Motors

  Macco Motors level up once again by firing up...



Macco Motors level up once again by firing up the looks of an old fashion yet buffed muscle motorcycle, the XS400, as requested by a client. The client aimed to see a café racer which is based on the Yamaha XS750. The Macco team settled for an old school 1978 XS400 A2A but fitted it with an XS750 fuel tank. They also made up an adjustable voltage regulator with the coils replaced with other tinier items which were taken from a jet ski. Above all, the finishing touches of the entire ride remain classy with all the brown leather grips, the electric circuit and new analogue speedo, mini turn signals and even the 6.5 inch headlight. Check it out.

Source: Bike Exif

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