Feb 14, 2013

The Top Five Hairstyles for Men 2013

Last year, Male Standard put Jaimee McGrew – a master...


Last year, Male Standard put Jaimee McGrew – a master barber from 77 Salon in Portland, Oregon – to the test and quizzed her on which were the top five hairstyles for men in 2012. She works with tens of male clientele who come through her doors in search of something new. This got us to thinking what’s hot, and what’s not this for 2013?

After much agonizing, debating, and researching, we are back with five savvy styles that suit every type of hair and that will see you through the summer and winter months of 2013 as we bring in the experts once again. Be sure to consider these pro-tips before committing to your next big (or little) chop, and always remember to work with your hair type – not against it!

What we found is that 2013 has two very distinct hairstyles:

Short Sides and High Top Styles Are Bang on Trend

These styles sprung up last spring and were a breath of fresh air to the super defined hairstyles we have seen over the past few seasons. This year, you can expect to see many of these beach styles held even higher with light styling mists and hairsprays as they evolve in 2013. Gels and heavy products are out, as are wet-look and greasy shine serums. The idea is to create a hairstyle that looks natural, and that doesn’t make you look like you’ve spent hours getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror (even if you have!).

The Super Short Crops Are a Classic Comeback

On the other side of the hair scale, short crops are a soon-to-be-classic newcomer that is sprouting up everywhere. Depending on your existing hairstyle, this could be a minor or major adjustment that will reward you with massive impact and a super masculine look. The short crop is not shaving or removing your hair. This is about taking your hair to its lowest length without giving into the razor. This is a great style option for easy to manage hair without getting rid of it altogether.

The James Franco

The James Franco is the ideal compromise for mid-length, mid-texture, mid-curly hair. If you are growing your hard-to-tame mane out, or looking to scale back on the beach bum and shaggy bobs of late, this great look can be styled to suit just about any hair type and any social situation with ease. You can wear the James Franco to the beach or to the office without much styling effort. If you have curly hair, or a slight wave, you might find this wash and go style a lifesaver!

Hairdresser: Jason Rocco Ieraci, at Ieraci Hair, VIC, for American Crew’s 2013 Face Off competition

The Sleek Side Comb

The Sleek Side Comb is a timeless competitor that is making a real comeback in 2013, not to be confused with the dreaded Comb Over that should forever be out of fashion. Ideal for naturally straight hair or those who use heated styling tools, this sleek and stylish style can also be worn wavy for a two-in-one design inspiration (see below). This style works well on men of all ages, but will be favored by older men who are looking for a way to accentuate a thick crop of healthy hair (it’s deceptively easy to maintain).

Hairdresser: Gen Colllerton, at Wildlife Hair, NSW, for American Crew’s 2013 Face Off competition

The Messy Top Cut

The Messy Top Cut is a younger style that works well for most hair types, including African-American and curly hair and that can be styled or left to roam free as needed. The choppy layers and cut are what makes this durable style appropriate for those who have a busy lifestyle, and requires very little product and training to stay in shape. If you have a difficult hair type, be sure to visit a barber or stylist who has experience cutting “into” hair for the perfect ‘do that will maintain itself.

Hairdresser: Kieran Hanley, at Rokk Ebony, VIC, for American Crew’s 2013 Face Off competition

The Messy Crop

The Messy Crop, much like the Messy Top Cut, is all about the haircut. This is a styled version of the Messy Top Cut (above) that can be dressed up or down and is easily styled with root boosting product and blow-drying hair upside down. As this style requires some to moderate styling, many hair types will benefit from regular conditioning and can be trained to accentuate the jawline and face shape. This is a trendsetter’s style and one that has a great reward for those who are comfortable styling.

Hairdresser: Benjamin Martin, at Salon XVI, VIC, for American Crew’s 2013 Face Off competition

The Peaked Jagged Cut

The Peaked Jagged cut is a step up from the super short crop and gives you some flexibility with styling but with all the convenience of short and easy. The cropped look is a major trendsetter and steps away from the thick, high manes featured above. This makes for a great style when growing your hair out from a close shave or for those looking to try something new with longer hair, and can be worn to any function with all the style of James Bond. The Peaked Jagged cut is ideal for those with straight or wavy hair, and should be avoided by those with tight curls or afro hair unless you are in favor of the 80’s computer genius look.

Hairdresser: Tarik Jasarevic, at Linear Hair, VIC, for American Crew’s 2013 Face Off competition

However you decide to cut and style your hair in 2013, don’t forget that healthy, thick and natural hair is really what ties these styles together. Deep conditioning treatments and a touch of shine are all that is needed to create perfectly styled but deceptively natural looking styles. Now is a great time to rummage through the bathroom cabinet and ditch the products that weigh down and gloss up hair. Hit the beach or the bar knowing your hair is healthy and is there to make a great impression. Whether you go long and high, or short and cropped, you are ready to make a great introduction!

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