Apr 11, 2013

Paul Smith Spring Footwear

This morning when I rolled over to turn off my...


This morning when I rolled over to turn off my alarm, the last thing I expected to see was a mixture of hail and snow beating against my window. The several weeks prior have, if nothing else, felt like a gateway to Spring: temperatures nearing 10 degrees, birds chirping in nearby trees, the still scarce but growing number of stark white legs courtesy of a winter past.


But that’s the way of Canada, right when you truly believe we’ve made headway as a country, Stephen Harper purchases 10 million dollar Giant Pandas, or it snows in April. The point being, these shoedals from Paul Smith were created with the arrival of Spring in mind and since until this morning I thought it was here, I’m writing about them regardless.


The above shoedals are from a post and Summer of the past, nor are they Paul Smith, no less, I do feel they respectfully uphold the name. I think the most important qualities defining a shoedal is that there exist some amount of cut-out and a working strap. These are from a vintage shop in Toronto and while they lack some attributes that make the Paul Smith version so great: a softer leather and the presence of a kiltie, in the face of Spring calling psych, they’re holding up quite fine.

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