Sep 08, 2015

3 Quality Shaving Brushes To Add to Your Grooming Kit

Shaving today is not the glorious event is used to...

Shaving today is not the glorious event is used to be (or still should be). Disposable razors and foam on contact gel has made the whole experience very frivolous.

Many people have come to believe that, because of all these new shaving products, shaving is moving forwards. However this is not the case. Most things become smaller, quicker and easier to dispose of as the times move forward. Shaving, however, is an art form and your tools should be well made and durable.

If you cannot spare a few minutes to shave properly perhaps you shouldn't shave every morning. Rushing the process and using cheap products will inevitably just cause razor burn.

The shaving brush, one of the main components of a great shave, was also one of the first parts to be cut from the experience thanks to foam on contact gels.

Quality shaving soaps and creams, made of natural ingredients, are far nicer to your skin than the harsh petrochemicals in foams and gels and to your wallet as the cost of shaving cream works out much cheaper than using aerosols as they are mostly made up of water and don't last as long.

The actual action of using a shaving brush gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and lifts hairs up from their horizontal position to allow for a cleaner shave. A shaving brush allows for a much softer shave, and ensures less irritation to the skin. Time spent building a good lather with the brush softens hair creating less tug.

Natural hair, tends to make for the best brushes, typically badger. Badger hair is soft, flexible, and the fine tips of the hair help to make a smooth, creamy lather.


D R Harris - Best Badger Shaving Brush £50.00/$76.99 >


Proraso - Hog Hair Shaving Brush £14.50/$22.29 >


Tweezerman - Deluxe Shaving Brush £36.00/$55.33 >

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