Feb 06, 2015

The Return of Denim

Denim is an essential for the everyday wardrobe; my favorite...

Reveler New York SS15


Denim is an essential for the everyday wardrobe; my favorite denim on denim looks are pairing a dark wash skinny jean with a light chambray shirt, or a light-wash denim jogger paired with a short-sleeve denim shirt (and yes, joggers made of denim exists!) Plus it’s one of the most versatile materials in fashion — with an array of color, weight, or wash. The variation in weight is great, as a nice pair of raw denim jeans can keep you warm in the winter, while a lightweight denim pant or chambray shirt to keep cool in the warm summer months.

Reveler New York SS15

Monochromatic is still an in-trend look this season, but many ‘fashionistas’ warn against pairing two denim pieces that are similar in wash or weight. However, fashion is all about breaking rules, so feel free to rock a monochromatic denim look! The hottest thing on the runways this season is pants, shirts, and jackets, all made from the same color and wash of denim. The monochromatic denim look appeared in countless shows, from Dior to Kenzo, indicating that this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Another denim trend this spring is the distressed jean. For years, ripped and patched jeans were largely worn by suburban mall rats and Jersey Shore “guidos” however this spring — fashion forward urbanites are reclaiming the distressed jean look. However as with any new style, the polarities of men and women’s fashions differ. The trending distressed denim look for women features shredding in the upper thigh area, but guys who wear boxers or boxer-briefs would need to avoid any distressing higher on the leg.

Reveler new York Spring 2015


One great thing about distressed jeans is that, rather than outright purchasing a pair, one can simply distress jeans already in your closet for a pair that is truly one of a kind! Distressing is easy with items you likely have already in your home. Sandpaper, razors, bleach, paint, and patches can be used to breathe new life into an old pair of jeans. If you’re doing it at home, I only have two pieces of advice: don’t make big holes at the knee, which can look sloppy and will grow larger over time, and don’t go overboard with too much distressing.

By: Charlie McDonald for Reveler New York

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