Oct 24, 2014

The Project Sketchbook

Time. It meanders raging waters with ease, searching for the...


It meanders raging waters with ease, searching for the quickest path, always for the quickest path.

Time has led me with hurried speed. It has been two months since I was in Las Vegas for PROJECT.

Since returning from Vegas I have been working with the amazing Brink Publishing company to put together an ebook of my PROJECT Show sketches and paintings.

The three days in Vegas were fast-paced and filled with hard work. Even after returning home the work was not complete. There was still

The People of Project

The Kooples

Tumi Travels

Greenwhich Vintage

D'Clic by Yapo

and even now, two months later I am still working to publish content from Vegas.

Which brings me to the Project Sketchbook, which you can download for FREE from Amazon.com from Monday, October 27- Wednesday, October 30.

Project Sketchbook Cover Illustration

The Project Sketchbook is a collection of images illustrated at Project Show in Vegas, 2014. Ranging from quick 15 second scratches to 30 minute sittings and painted product still-lifes.

Inside you will see some of your favorite fashion bloggers and personalities.

Occasionally a sketch is marked with notes or a name.

More than anything this will provide a quick glimpse into the depth of talent and style that is present at the PROJECT trade show.

Matthew Miller

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