Jul 28, 2015

5 Perfect Pairs of Sunglasses for Summer

It’s finally happened! Summer is in full bloom. As the...

It’s finally happened! Summer is in full bloom. As the days linger on, you might be finding yourself squinting and scrabbling desperately for a visor above your head. It’s time to peruse through the plethora of sun glasses style and choose pairs that drastically transform your persona. Since you might not have the leisure to saunter through the stores and try on every pair out there, we help you separate the style flotsam from the jetsam and the eye sores from head turners. After having laboriously (but much enjoyably) tried 50 pairs or so, we have diligently elucidated five of our personal favorites so that you feel summer’s upbeatism and stay stylish and focused:


Illesteva explores in to the realm of innovative shapes and designs to push the diverse boundaries of eyewear. “Leonard” is Illesteva’s signature design with chunky round frames and rounded lenses that sums up the brand’s New York style aesthetics; bold, loud, contemporary and yet at the same time quite classic. This signature silhouette is perfectly complemented by blond acetate frames that make it a statement piece. These are unisex sunglasses though, so keep them close lest you lose a pair to a coveted girlfriend!

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Know this; Nobody ever sported sunglasses better than Steve McQueen wearing his Persol shades in the original version of “The Thomas Crown Affair”. So much so that his beloved pair was auctioned off for approximately $70,000 in 2006! The round framed silhouette that we have picked out might not bear resemblance to the chunky retro model of Steve McQueen, but nonetheless these tortoise shell acetate plastic frames, with brown polarized lenses, are screaming for a joyride. Designed for the true aficionado, these shades are meant to be worn with something complementary to Italian style to look ultra chic!

The Perfect Sunglasses for Men -06


These classical and redefined French designs have a retro feel that is ahead-of-the-curve-cool! The traditional brow line silhouette has been refined with a contemporary touch by incorporating slick olive-brown acetate frames and signature brown lenses. Inspired by the 1960’s, this sleek pair impeccably embodies the aesthetics of the brand and injects luxury to your summer repertoire.

The Perfect Sunglasses for Men -05


For those of you aspiring to look for frames big enough for your large oval-shaped face, Thierry Lasry is a revelation without being comically large! Immaculately crafted by the artisans in France, this round framed, mottled -striped acetate of the Zomby collection emanates subtle distinction that is enough to make you swoon! Thierry Lasry is hands down the best brand for men due to his creative upbringing!

The Perfect Sunglasses for Men -07


Mykita is the perfect example of unparalleled German design, with styles ranging from fad induced acetate designs to ultra-light stainless steel frames. We have chosen the gold and black rounded frame sunglasses that are incredibly delicate and yet the flexibility of the stainless steel renders them surprising resistance. If you are aiming for simple styling and technical prowess, Mykita is the brand for you! Hats off to Mykita, for carving a niche in a retro-dominated market. It’s here to stay!

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