Jun 13, 2013

The New Faces of Prada F/W 2013

If you haven't figure out already, I love menswear campaigns....

If you haven't figure out already, I love menswear campaigns. The ads in the September issues are pretty much what I swoon over sometimes more than the spreads themselves. So imagine when yours truly got wind of the faces of the new Prada Fall/Winter campaign. Prada consistently pics an eclectic and fun mix of gents to face the brand.

You may remember me ranting on about Dane DeHaan's campaign as well as Toby Maguire's, but I must say I'm excited about the next batch of guys. Shot by photographer David Sims, the campaign is another homerun for the Italian fashion house. Check em out below!



1. Ben Whishaw- I'm going to refrain from swooning over him yet again (no eye-rolling please). I love everything about the first look. It's Luxe, dapper and yet a bit casual all in one. Ben looks smashing as always, but regretfully, I don't think I can see him as anyone else but Q from the Bond series. Even here (especially the second look) he looks like our favorite tinkerer ready for work.



2. Ezra Miller- The Perks star has been on a roll recently, and clearly Prada has noticed. I don't think I need to get into just how quirky Ezra is (For one he sits Indian style during interviews), so I won't. But I'm in love with both of his looks. I NEED that red leather jacket, the wool overcoat, and definitely the shoes. Prada does an amazing job of elevating classics and reinventing them for the modern man. Like the elevated platform on those oxfords.



3. Christopher Waltz- Out of the three gents here, Christopher definitely has the "cool" look down. The crew neck sweater and the red button up underneath does it for me. And then there's the suit, which is beyond drool worthy. This campaign, once again reminds of me of why I love Prada menswear so much.

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