May 21, 2013

The New Casual

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a day...

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a day out on your own all dressed up, even if you have no where to go. I, oddly enough, do this often! There's just nothing like looking sharp and taking yourself on a solo date around the city running errands, hitting up a movie, and just sitting at a restaurant at a table alone with a cocktail and nothing but yourself to entertain... all while looking sharp of course!

As much as I do like to do this as often as I can in order to unwind, the weather is finally cooperating in the city which only means an endless amount of events and social gatherings... not to mention those dreaded weddings! I always feel like the same blazer, pants, and indigo denim can go a long way and be worn repeatedly without anyone noticing... these are the pieces I most invest in knowing I will sport them all season if not all year. The one piece that doesn't go unnoticed though is your tie. I always feel like I need some great new neckwear to complete every look so I don't look like I'm wearing the same thing to every event.

This was until I discovered FreshNeck. This really cool company just popped up and is the perfect resource for mens' accessories including ties, bowties, cufflinks, and event some really bad ass pocket squares [which is a must to make that blazer look like new]. With FreshNeck, you choose, wear, and exchange. There are a few different tiers of pricing to choose from but in the end you choose some great accessories, you wear them when you receive in the mail, and then you just send right back and exchange for more cool pieces never having to repeat the same look. With a resource like this great company, your "new casual" will always include some great neckwear perfect for any big occasion or those spur of the moment solo dates that every guy should do.

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