Dec 05, 2014

The Multi-Tasker Oil | FIG+YARROW

I was recently introduced to a wonderful Denver Colorado based...


I was recently introduced to a wonderful Denver Colorado based all-natural brand, FIG + YARROW. Thisartisan line of small-batch, handcrafted organic health products are designed to provide sensual enjoyment, physical radiance and overall vitality. The hair tonic was given to me as a sample for consideration. Hesitant at first I finally tried the hair tonic a month ago, and I wish i’ve tried it sooner.

There isn’t anything fancy about the packaging, is to me is a great thing. It let’s me know they spent more money on sourcing quality ingredients versus wasting it on overly attractive packaging. The fragrance is very pleasant with a hint of horsetail, rosemary, burdock root, and comes equipped with a droplet to properly measure the desired amount needed. The texture is not greasy or messy, it goes on smooth, and gives the hair on your head a healthy and natural shine. The wonderful benefit about this all-natural multi-tasker oil is, it can also be applied towards ones beard, mustache and nails for strength.

I’ve been using the all-natural apothecary brand FIG + YARROW for a little over a month now, and I can honestly say the results are great. My hair feels softer, fuller and my beard has an overall healthier appearance.


IMG_4280 IMG_4277


Reasonably priced at $35 for the 4oz ($12 for the 1 oz travel size), FIG + YARROW is a great all-natural oil that you will find essential to your lifestyle.

Art direction and photo credit: Robert “Max” Twitty for Gents Among Men

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