Feb 18, 2015

the modman runway // duckie brown fall 2015.

New York Fashion Week hasn’t been too exciting so far,...

New York Fashion Week hasn’t been too exciting so far, especially with the cookie cutter formula that designers have been using, intentional or not. In the same way my style continues to evolve, the things that now catch my eye are for the bold, individual and/or minimal, not the trends that come and go. It is exhausting to feel the need to refresh my wardrobe after each runway, too, and that is not how anyone buys clothing, even editors. Duckie Brown was not only refreshing in its color palette and and design, but also in its mood. Romanticism blended effortlessly with a darker undercurrent, and the result was a collection reflective of reality, of hope and some darkness.

_A2X0069 _A2X0081 _A2X0095 _A2X0115 _A2X0149 _A2X0188 _A2X0205 _A2X0226 _A2X0250 _A2X0289 _A2X0307 _A2X0354 _A2X0383 _A2X0484

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