Jan 22, 2015

The Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2015-16 Menswear Collections in Review

For a few days, Milan became once again the fashion...

For a few days, Milan became once again the fashion capital of the world, as a series of Italian and International designers showcased their collections for the fall-winter 2015-16 season during Milan Fashion Week.

Some of the most famous fashion brands displayed their creations: from Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana to Jil Sander and Corneliani, everyone met in Milan to launch new trends and new styles for the coming season.

Milan is known to be one of the most stylish cities in the world, where even the police wears designer cloths, and the menswear collections displayed during this year’s MFW were proof of this fact. Unlike the collections displayed during London Collections: Men, which were nonetheless great, but where we could see many experimental fashions and unconventional styles, most looks we saw during Milan Fashion Week were extremely wearable and practical and something every man can take as a good example of how you can dress during the cold season.

Once again, the designers delivered a great and very varied palette of sharply-tailored suits, great coats, luxurious shirts and even of sportswear. Even though it’s hard to generalize, the predominant color scheme was a rather dark one, with deep hues being one of the main trends one could pinpoint on the runway. This, however, is not necessarily something strange or bad, as autumn collections usually tend to be more muted and less crazy than spring-summer collections. Even though it seems that the fall-winter 2015-16 season will be a more conservative season (at least in the eyes of the MFW designers) just from a chromatic point of view, but, despite this, most designers played with interesting cuts and shapes that made the clothes go from great fashion to investment piece.

When it came to styling, the number one trend you couldn’t miss had to be the messy long hair. Almost every designer who showcased during this fashion week chose to have his or her models styled with long, messy-looking hair.

In terms of accessories, we could see a lot of big bags and interesting hats that completed the looks of many of the shows, as well as great shoes and very many huge scarves. Apparently, we can already say that next season, accessory-wise it will be all about big pieces.

From rich materials and glam-rock outfits to funky hats and streetwear, this fashion week had everything! Looking at different looks from the collection, you can take a lot of fashion rules with you and learn how to break others.

In the gallery below, you can see our favorite designs from various shows, read our comments and, why not, find your sartorial inspiration for the fall-winter 2015-16 season?


John Varvatos displayed a collection composed of dark looks with an artistic vibe. Missioni's collection consisted of very sharp suits in surprising patterns and color combinations! Remember men, large patterns can be mixed with small ones. Moncler Gamme Bleu's strange aesthetic was continued in the fall-winter collection as well, which revolved around very deep shades of red and strange eyewear. For MSGM, it was all about redefining classic pieces, such as utilitarian shirts and union suits. Salvatore Ferragamo's show was full of amazing, deep colors and very rich materials. Their large volumes made the clothes even more so remarkable and interesting. Another show that taught us how to wear patterns and colors was Vivienne Westwood's.  Four different checker types at a time should be a trend, don't you think? Andrea Pompilio showcased very clean looks, but played with proportions and cuts. A casual solid color suit can always be broken up with a great pattern, as this Antonio Marras look demonstrates once again. Bottega Veneta paired casual and high-fashion pieces for their fall-winter 2015-16 collection and we salute their initiative. For Calvin Klein it was all about glamor and shine, as models waled down the runway in very star-like clothes. Corneliani went for a great collection of wearable pieces and very large bags. A perfect look for winter, this Costume National Homme outfit is very wearable, classic and elegant, as it features dark colors broken down with a light blue shirt. Diesel Black Gold's collection had a very urban feel to it, but didn't fail to deliver in the tailoring and interesting cuts department. Dolce and Gabbana's collection continued their regal tradition with a family-centric show. Besides the trending big bags, Emporio Armani's show also featured a series of very original hats - every guy should get one of those! Etro made use of a series of autumn-appropriate colors and patterns and showed that can you can wear one pattern from head to toe. This Fendi look is impressive due to its rich materials and royal vibe. This red coat look was our favorite from the Gucci collection, that otherwise was quite strange and conservative, chromatically speaking. Jil Sander displayed great looks and bags that were almost as big as the models!


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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