Dec 29, 2014

The Men of Bureau

Imagine yourself walking into a menswear boutique fully-furnished with custom-made...

Imagine yourself walking into a menswear boutique fully-furnished with custom-made wooden furniture, a navy blue leather chesterfield couch, a mid century modern chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a vintage record player playing an eclectic mix of vinyl records in the background. This was the atmosphere that I walked into when I visited Bureau this past weekend. The owners and I discussed everything from style to music to the history of sneaker collecting (just to name a few). I even got to see the way they worked with a first-time customer. It was definitely not your typical shopping experience, but it is exactly the type of experience that the men of Bureau intended to create for all of their customers. It is that same unique experience that sets them apart from other menswear shops in Buffalo, NY.

Bureau has been opened for a little over a year now and they have successfully filled a void that Buffalo has been missing for quite some time. Of course, there were stores where a man can go to purchase a suit, shirt, and or accessories. However, until now there wasn't a place where a guy can purchase all of those things, engage in an intellectual conversation, and be certain that all of those clothes will actually fit well.

"In fact, the venue is more like a hang-out spot and a creative hub, as opposed to just being a made-to-measure shop. We actually prefer to call it a lifestyle boutique." - Jon Eisenberg (pictured above).

The Shopping Experience

Bureau was created with the intent of providing a unique shopping experience for their customer's. It's a place where guys can engage in intellectual conversations, and get fitted for a suit, shirt, or topcoat all at the same time. It's also a place where everyone get's treated the same, whether they are purchasing a suit or a pen. This is definitely much appreciated by first time suit buyers who are usually apprehensive to go shopping in big box stores because of the pressure that comes with suit shopping, and buying something that might not even fit well. Instead, the men of Bureau take the time to get to know their customers. This way it makes the process easier for both parties, in terms of making appropriate suggestions during the fabric and fine detail selection.

One of the most interesting and inspiring facts about the team is that they do not have a background in menswear design. In fact, Joseph Stocker (pictured above) has a background in music and Jon has a background in teaching. However, with their combined retail experience, and old-fashioned hustlers mentality, they have created a business essentially out of necessity.

"When I was a full-time musician, I found myself spending hundreds on clothes, but they never fit the way I would have liked them too. Therefore, I did a lot of research and learned all of the technical elements of pattern making. Eventually, after some trial and error, I was selling made-to-measure garments out of my home. Then, shortly after I made a suit for Jon, we decided to take the business to another level."

The Lifestyle Boutique

While spending a substantial amount of time in Bureau, one thing that I really enjoyed was witnessing how well Joe, Jon, and William Emerson (pictured above) worked together. In turn, it makes it that much easier for customers to feel comfortable while they shop for all of their made-to-measure needs.

I also appreciated that pocket square arrangement, and that rare Basquiat photo (pictured below).

Special thanks to Joe, Jon, and Will for participating and stay tuned for more features!

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