Sep 24, 2014

The Legend of Jimmy Russell

Jimmy Russell, the master distiller, has worked at Wild Turkey for...

wild-turkey-logo Jimmy Russell, the master distiller, has worked at Wild Turkey for 60 years. Let me say that again… 60 YEARS! That’s as long as my parents have been alive and almost 2x the amount of time I’ve been on this planet. For me to start somewhere I was going to stay for the next 60 years I would have be committed to stay there until I was 93. That is some insane dedication and it shows in their product.

It’s no secret that I’m a Wild Turkey fan-boy and that I love what they put out. They are among my favorite distilleries globally and in my top 3 here in the US. They make great products that have a real depth and maturity about them. For sipping or in cocktails I just love it, but this post isn’t about me and my rambling love for Wild Turkey Whiskey, it’s about Jimmy.

Unless you’re on a very small screen or your mobile phone you’ll notice there’s a video embedded below. It’s a 16 minute documentary Wild Turkey made about their Buddha of Bourbon and his 60 years in the business. It walks through his journey as a kid doing odd jobs around the distillery up to his appointment as Master Distiller and then teaching his son the craft and bringing him in to continue the legacy.

Rather than rambling on about what’s in the movie how about I shut up and let you watch it? Without further adieu, pour yourself a glass of your favorite whiskey (Wild Turkey or not) and enjoy this fantastic tribute to man well known, and well loved, in the whiskey community.


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