Mar 16, 2014

The High Life: 2014 Resort Wear

Resort wear by Chanel for 2014. Notice the simple lines,...

Resort wear by Chanel for 2014. Notice the simple lines, and relaxed fabrics that compose this amazing outfit.

Resort wear by Chanel for 2014. Notice the simple lines, and relaxed fabrics in this amazing outfit.

Resort wear is a very important part of the always fascinating world of design and fashion. By resort wear, also known as cruise wear, we mean a clothing style created for a year-round fashion season. Originally, resort wear was created for affluent customers of various fashion houses who used to spend their post-winter holidays weeks in climates with year-round warm climates.

Since those climates don’t actually have a fall-winter season (unless you look in a calendar), fashion designers came up with the idea of creating special collections that show up only once a year that set the trends and establish the styles that will be fashionable in exotic settings for a whole year.

Resort wear is usually the perfect combination between casual and formal wear, between style and comfort and between high fashion and beach wear. Cruise collections are designed to represent the mindset and the style of places such as the Caribbean islands, San Juan and other exotic destinations (more modern “resort” places include Dubai and even the marvelous Pacific islands). They are not only a great style inspiration, but also a lesson of how one can express a mindset and a whole world through his clothes.

Resort clothes are all types of clothes (from t-shirts to caftans and walking shirts and from accessories to light dinner jackets) and they represent the staples of a carefree lifestyle – at least an apparently carefree lifestyle, which is more a mindset than an actual way of life.

Charlie by Matthew Zink collection

Charlie by Matthew Zink collection

Resort wear is generally made from silk, cotton, microfiber and denim, but also from poplin and straw, which are lighter materials.

Resort wear: Polo by Ralph Lauren

Resort wear: Polo by Ralph Lauren

For a better understanding of how these clothes represent a whole (more or less existent) world, we need to return to the basics of fashion and study the pieces’ cut, fabric, shape, color, and patterns. You can see that cruise wear designs are generally basic, classic pieces, garments which we all know, like and associate with comfort, but cut into fine lines and special designs. Resort wear usually comes in simple, yet powerful colors, which give a sense of calm and clarity to the wearer, matching the smooth life they represent. The decor in which resort wear is meant to be worn is a big source of inspiration, as the colors and the shapes of the garments seem to be made to match an exotic vacation.

We recommend that you incorporate resort wear into your everyday life, as the way you look can have an impact on the way you feel. Looking like you are having a fantastic cocktail on a yacht will only make you feel calmer and better. This can go both ways: if you feel like a millionaire you can express it through your look and if you want to feel like one, you can use your clothes to get in that state of mind. This year's collections were absolutely amazing: from Chanel to Ralph Lauren, everyone offered an amazing array of luxurious and comfortable designs, that can fit any style and preferences.

Whether it’s living the dream or dreaming of a living, that’s up to you, but we think that resort clothes are an amazing source of inspiration when it comes to calmly living with grace a powerful and adventurous life.

From the Polo by Ralph Lauren 2014 cruise collection

From the Polo by Ralph Lauren 2014 cruise collection

Do you like resort wear? Do you incorporate resort clothes in your daily clothes or do you prefer to have special travel clothes? Which one of the designs we chose do you like the best? What are your other picks? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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