Feb 18, 2015

The Hardy Amies Fall-Winter 2015 Collection in Review

The Hardy Amies fall-winter 2015-16 collection was unveiled during this...

The Hardy Amies fall-winter 2015-16 collection was unveiled during this year’s London Collections: Men, which took place in January 2015. Most collections presented in the British capital were on the experimental or art side of fashion. However, the Hardy Amies collection seemed more held back, but nevertheless, due to its urban-meets-rural-mountain-village aesthetic, it was extremely creative and deep.

One thing that we liked in particular about this collection, which was signed by Hardy Amies’ creative director Mehmet Ali, was the way in which the clothes and the outfits were connected to each other. The balancing act between cuts, shapes and colors resembled the waveform of a symphony: mature, sensible, cohesive and with a clearly-defined rhythm. Collections are usually cohesive, this is not something new, but the way in which the clothes from this one were connected was truly outstanding. Seeing how the creations were connected and mixed together teaches any man a good deal about what a wardrobe should look like. The styles were very different, but they were all complementing each other extremely well and were elements of a bigger picture that was visible in each small part.

The collection featured mostly elegant and sophisticated designs of semi-formal winter outfits that were cut with the great precision of classic British tailoring. The diverse range of formal pants, coats, fur coats, long coats, jackets and sweaters was extremely wearable and had a poetic charm to it. Moreover, even though the idea of pairing a suit with a parka isn’t new, it is always great to see high and low fashion combined, and we think we can agree that a combination of the cosmopolitan and the pastoral is always welcome.

Even though the color palette was predominantly dark, which is what most color palettes for winter collections are like, the different shades of purple and teal brought a lot of personality and taste that made the collection unique. If there was ever a collection of precise and elegant outerwear, this was it.

This collection, which was inspired by Mount Snowden (hence some mountain climbing aesthetic elements), is a smart, strong and stylish collection that is most likely to stand the test of time.

To conclude, we can say that the Hardy Amies fall-winter 2015 collection is a very charismatic collection and a great fashion inspiration for any winter, as it delivered a series of classic, timeless pieces with a modern twist.

We made a selection of our favorite looks from the collection and added them in the gallery below. Simply flip through the pictures to get a closer look of the outfits and read our commentary on why we liked them!

A double-breasted suit with an impeccable tailoring never goes out of style. Adding a pop of red to a predominantly neutral outfit is a great way to add some color to the winter. This coat looks like it was taken from a king's closet. Double-breasted suits are the perfect choice for thin men, especially if they feature a pattern. A classic suit can be styled up with a very subtle scarf for a very sophisticated look. Mixing an office look with a pastoral aesthetic, this outfit is perfect for a traveler. Fur, rich materials and a pop of gold: what more can you want? A classic outfit with a highly modern spin - the lapel of the vest is impressive! If you have a suit that fits you perfectly and is made from high-quality materials, then you can definitely pull off an all-neutral look! A great evening look can feature a pattern too, it doesn't have to be all-solid, as this outfit proves. A great combination of aesthetics and styles. Fit, texture and shine: this jacket has it all!

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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