Sep 29, 2013

The Fragrance Group Spotlights the Exquisite Lalique for Men Bentley Collector’s Edition

The Fragrance Group is debuting one of its best fragrances...

The Fragrance Group is debuting one of its best fragrances yet – the all new Bentley for Men from the renowned car manufacturer. Also available is the Lalique for Bentley Collector’s Edition, which combines the elegance of Lalique crystal with the power and quality Bentley is known for. The Fragrance Group also stocks the exquisite Lalique for Bentley Collector’s Edition, priced at $4,800. Constructed with the crystal company’s signature blend of finesse, beauty, and fine craftsmanship, the crystal Lalique bottle features a variation of the car manufacturer’s logo, with a large B adorned with wings that evoke strength, adventure, and above all, quality. The limited edition bottle comes packaged in chocolate brown box with a light leather interior and includes a travel-sized bottle of the eau de parfum.

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“Both Lalique and Bentley are known as top contributors in their respective fields. Now with the new Lalique for Bentley special edition, the two have joined forces to create an exquisite Eau de Parfum housed in a crystal bottle of unparalleled design,” saidAlex Shalbaf, CEO of The Fragrance Group.

The signed and numbered limited edition crystal Lalique bottle for the Bentley for Men fragrance comes in a series of 999 pieces. The base of the exquisite bottle is frosted and embossed with the Lalique for Bentley logo. It features a sparsely adorned square shape that follows simple angular lines for a look that bespeaks quiet elegance. The base is topped by the famed Flying B Bentley mascot, the wings of which utilize the landmark Lalique combination of matte and polished crystal to epitomize the timeless quality for which Bentley is known. The artistic 40mL bottle is enclosed in a dark wooden box with a light leathery interior; an extra drawer is included to house the separate travel flacon of Eau de Parfum.

The scent has been making a buzz for the past few months, but is only set to debut in Fall 2013. Those who choose to order from The Fragrance Group, however, can purchase the scents now to experience firsthand what the critics are raving about. The company also offers the Bentley For Men in a 60 mL and 100 mL bottle, priced at $74 and $99 respectively, as well as the Bentley for Men Intense in a 100 mL bottle for $109.

To order these fragrances for men, visit The Fragrance Group. Receive updates about the new scent on Facebook, following it on Twitter, or subscribing to its blog.

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