Oct 03, 2014

The Ford GT is Back

Credit: Motor Trend And while it may not exactly be...

Credit: Motor Trend

Credit: Motor Trend

And while it may not exactly be real (yet), it is certainly lovely.

There have been some rumors surfacing over the past day, hinting that Ford may be redesigning a comeback for the GT. These rumors are assuming that Ford would want the next generation GT to be ready for 2016, which would be significant because it would be the 50th Anniversary of when Ford took the victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in their Ford GT40 Mk II.

I do suspect that Ford would like to be on top of the endurance car competitions again, and a mid-engine supercar would be just the ticket to get them there. Ford has also not commented much on the rumors, which means they have also managed to avoid denying them. And seeing that all this talk seems about as real as cloudy day in Washington State, I think we need to give this speculative talk a closer look.

Credit: Motor Trend

Credit: Motor Trend

The 2005 Ford GT came equipped with a stout supercharged 5.4-liter V8 with 550 horsepower. For 2016, Ford would need to up the ante a bit, and they currently do not have any Production V8 that would be a ‘really’ good candidate. However, they do have a slick 3.5-liter ecoboost V6, which when pumped up with a twin turbo, produces a very easy and reliable 600 horsepower. So, it would not only have more power than its predecessor, it would be smaller, lighter, and incredibly well-balanced.

Realizing all the potential this V6 would have in the original mid-engine body design, why would Ford rework the body design all that much? There is no reason to fix what isn’t broke, and Ford will likely not set off on a new path. Instead, as the photo rendering above from Motor Trend suggests, Ford should continue from where they left off. This means that they should design a next-generation GT that looks like… well, how a GT should.

And now is your chance to let your opinions be known. If Ford will build it, would you buy it?

We would, and we’ll take ours in black…

2015 Ford GT

2015 Ford GT

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