Aug 12, 2013

The Fly Way to Fly: Travel Do’s & Don’ts

Insanely long lines, incompetent staff, and smelly bathrooms. A day...





Insanely long lines, incompetent staff, and smelly bathrooms. A day at the amusement park perhaps? Yeah, no I’m talking about your neighborhood airport. Is it just me or do people look like complete trash or too overdressed to be boarding a plane? Well here is a list of my Do’s and Don’ts before take off.


  • Travel in layers. Temperatures vary, so be comfy, be it a short domestic or an international voyage.
  • Bring a carry on. Find a stylish tote or a rollable carry on.
  • Bring a pair of sunglasses. Yes, you woke up with sleep crust, but no one has to know.
  • Keep all valuables in your carry on. So when Homeland Security loses your shit, you’ll have the essentials.


  • Wear your favorite sweat pants from home, because that’s exactly where they belong.
  • Make your carry-on a plastic grocery bag filled with your belongings.
  • Dress in a suit unless you’re stepping into a business meeting upon arrival.
  • Visually announce you’re going to Hawaii by wearing your Hibiscus patterned shirt from 1995.


inside my carry-on…

  • Sour Punch Straws, Raisinettes, Goldfish
  • Motorola Bluetoothe Headsets
  • Nintendo 3DS, iPad, iPhone, Details Mag
  • Hand Sanitizer

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