Jan 02, 2014

The Flu: How to Look Chic & Make It Through!

It's been a while since an update and suddenly we're...

It's been a while since an update and suddenly we're in the New Year. I'll save you New Year's resolutions and 2014 aspirations and let you in on the few weeks I went missing. I was attacked brutally by a rogue gangster that calls himself The Flu. Kidding, but I did fall ill with the flu the day after Christmas and could do nothing but lay in pure discomfort while watch more Real Housewives marathon than anyone should. Also, while having nothing else to do than watch TV, surf the web, and shop I've bought a few things to keep me looking forward to getting better! Here are a few of the items I bought and a few things you need to look fabulous while feeling drabulous! Enjoy! 


First, pull out all of your basics. It's easy too look fierce and comfortable when you're wearing things that aren't doing too much. None of those old holey college sweats (yes they're comfortable, but you need something warm and stylish, not worn and atrocious). A nice black/grey/navy pullover or tee paired with cotton harem pants, or simple sweat pant would make you look wonderful even when you feel terrible. Although you're sick, you want to still try and maintain your shower routine. Stay clean and keep those germs off of you! Change your clothes, change your sheets! When you feel clean and keep moving it motivates your body to get better!


Knitwear is so helpful! I loved wearing my knit sweaters while I was sick. They're large and comfortable and they look a million times better than my typical Old Navy pullovers. If you're feeling a little bit adventurous to go grab more Ny-Quil & popcorn from the grocery store, KNIT IT UP! I had to go to to the doctor's office and I wore my favorite cream knit sweater and huge knit beanie from H&M (featured in H&M lookbook). They kept me very warm (fighting off those pesky chills) and people continued asking me where I got my hat. Even sick in the doctor's office, there's always an opportunity to make a fashion statement. 


COMFORT ITEMS: You need them. I love drinking tea from my owl mug from West Elm, & if it weren't for Netflix or Bravo for the endless Real Housewives marathons I don't think I would have ever gotten better! Get everything you need to feel better and you're always on the right track! 

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