Dec 03, 2014

The Cocktail Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide

Another holiday season is upong us, which means… yeah, you’ll...

Another holiday season is upong us, which means… yeah, you’ll probably have to buy some gifts this year. Sorry. But assuming your friends and family are the kinds of people who appreciate a bottle of whiskey in their stocking, then we’ve got you covered. So below: seven gifts for the cocktail enthusiast in your life. Yes, it can be you.


cutty sark hi tops

LA-based Generic Surplus has teaming up with Cutty Sark to create this pair of limited edition hi-top sneakers. Designed with a bartender in mind, this comfortable shoe features a black leather upper and an off-white canvas lining with yellow pinstripes. It’s a nod to the original Cutty Sark whisky bottle. (They’re restocking this product, so if they’re currently out, try again soon.)

$149.99 | BUY



wild turkey diamond anniversary bourbon

This limited release bourbon celebrates Jimmy Russell’s 60 years as esteemed distiller of Wild Turkey. His son (and current Master Distiller, Eddie Russell), produced Diamond Anniversary from barrels aged 13 to 16 years. The result is a round, creamy and generally delicious 91 proof bourbon full of caramel, chocolate and oak. With only 36,000 bottles made, it’s a great gift for bourbon fans.

$125+ | BUY



carry on cocktail kit

Flying can be terrible. But flying while drinking a nicely-crafted cocktail… that’s much less terrible. So here’s this thing to the rescue. It’s a portable tin case packed with everything you need to make two old fashioneds (well, minus the booze. You’ll still have to buy that). You’ve got a recipe card, a miniature spoon/muddler, aromatic bitters, cane sugar and even a linen coaster. Post x-rays, pat downs and flight delays, a good old fashioned can really restore your dignity.

$24 | BUY



bittermilk overnight bag

This functional tote bag is handcrafted from denim and leather and designed for taking cocktails on the go. With the bag you’ll get a mason shaker, a hefty W&P Muddler and a jigger. Two sewn-in canvas sleeves will keep that shaker, plus the Bittermilk bottle of your choice, secure while in-transit.

$125 | BUY



cocktail enthusiast holiday books

A spirited book is always a great gift. For reading, sure, but also as a coffee table centerpiece and conversation starter. And here you’ve got three solid options. 1) GQ Drinks, a beautiful collection of classic and modern cocktails. 2) Tasting Whiskey, a new tome by Lew Bryson that offers a comprehensive look at whiskeys from all over the world, plus details on distilling and how to properly taste the stuff. And 3) The Spirit of Gin, an entertaining and illustrated guide to the gin revival, with details on the spirit’s colorful history, gin distilleries and even cocktail recipes.

GQ Drinks, $22 | BUY · Tasting Whiskey, $14 | BUY · The Spirit of Gin $18 | BUY



glenfiddich the original

Surely you know someone who likes scotch. This is the gift for that person. It’s a recreation of the original 1963 Glenfiddich Straight Malt that basically started the single malt category. Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, produced this expression from the distillery’s collection of aged whiskies with the original recipe that was discovered in the Glenfiddich family archives. The Original is full of floral and pear aromas, with flavors of fruit, vanilla and sherry oak leading to a dry finish. And unrelated to all that, the bottle comes in a handsome case.

$99.99 | BUY



fluid dynamics cocktails

Craft Distillers, the talented group behind Germain-Robin Brandy and Low Gap Whiskey, have a collection of bottled cocktails–each aged in oak for six weeks. The drinks include a classic Sazerac, a Saratoga and a dry martini, among others. Nothing says holidays like a 750ml bottle of Sazerac.

$20-64 | BUY

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