Jan 27, 2015

The Best Travel Gifts On Etsy

By now, you know about Etsy — the website where...

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

By now, you know about Etsy — the website where people who are way more crafty than you make extra bank by selling handmade and vintage items. But beyond listening to your girlfriend talk about the “super cute, vintage-inspired, personalized” necklace she bought her friend Becky for her birthday, Etsy probably remains a mystery to you. It’s time for that to change.

Etsy is now the first place I look when I want to buy someone a creative and original gift, especially when that gift is for a traveler. So to ease you into the Etsyverse and narrow down the thousands upon thousands of available products, here’s my curated list of the best travel gifts on Etsy. Chances are you’ll just want to gift them to yourself — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

1) World Push Pin Travel Map

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

You’ve seen scratch off maps that allow you to mark the places you’ve visited. They’re fun, but probably not something that looks beautiful hanging on your wall. To keep your space looking classy, go for this stylish, wood-framed push pin map which comes with 100 pins to mark your past and future travels. It’s also available in Navy Blue. Created by Wayfern. $205

2) “The World Is In Your Hand” Stainless Steel Flask

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

There are a lot of flasks with maps on them on Etsy, and this is the best looking one (plus it comes in a huge variety of colors). It’s perfect for getting drunk on a plane or for any of your other traveling/drinking needs. Created by whimsyandink. $19.95

3) “Adventure Is Out There” World Map Poster

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Plane and simple, this map, printed with the text “Adventure is out there” will remind you to get up off the couch, close your laptop and go outside. Created by oflifeandlemons. $23.12

4) Bon Voyage Card

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Know someone heading out on a big trip? Maybe it’s a honeymoon, a stint volunteering in Central America or a “I’m going to go find myself in Southeast Asia” trip. Whatever the occasion, be the best friend ever and send them this handmade card (it’s blank inside) with a note of encouragement. You’ll be sure to get a souvenir upon their return. Created by EmmaMooreID. $3.51

5) Wanderlust Copper Key Ring

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Spruce up a boring keychain with this rustic, hand stamped ”wanderlust” copper key ring. Key rings are also available with the sayings, “Explore Dream Discover” and “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”. Created by ATwistOfWhimsy. $26

6) Leather Luggage Tag

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

If an airline “misplaces” your bag or when it’s circling the baggage carousel with countless others, you not only want your contact information attached to it, you want something that’ll help it stand out and distinguish it as yours. Go for one of these handsome, handmade leather luggage tags — they’re available in a variety of colors and come with free monograming. Created by DivinaDunuevo. $30

7) Vintage Map Coasters

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Your coffee table is boring and needs 100% more maps on it than the zero it currently has. To make that happen, check out this set of world map coasters. Want to focus in on specific country or region? Check out the Central America, Europe, Ireland, America, Africa, and Cuba coaster sets, just to name a few. Created by Jaunitas. $42

8) “Travel” Wall Word Art

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

State your love for travel loud and clear with this travel wall art. You can even customize which continent or map area appears in each letter. Created by Mooza. $61.41

9) Mason Jar Globe Bank

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

If you or someone special is saving up for a big trip, this mason jar travel savings bank is a perfect gift (just stuff $1,000 in it to make it really perfect). The jar can be customized with hearts over specific locations, whether they mark the location of home or the location of the banker’s desired trip. It’s also available sans heart customization. Created by MyKindOfKrafty. $30.69

10) World Map Bow Tie

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

You have not seen a bow tie like this before. Let everyone know that you love to travel (and that you’re kind of a nerd…but a cool nerd) with this awesome world map bow tie. Created by LaurenPerkin. $42

11) Vintage Travel Posters

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

The right vintage travel posters can turn even the simplest and blandest wall into a cultured and exciting wall (your other walls are going to be so jealous). Check out these posters showcasing Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, and more. Created by WorldOfPoster. $7.77

12) Leather Passport Cover

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

If you’re a frequent traveler, your passport can get beat up pretty quickly. Protect this essential document and lifelong memento of your adventures with this quality leather world map case. You will be the envy of everyone in the customs line when you whip this thing out. Created by PassportCase. $34.99

13) World Map Wall Sticker

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Measuring 7ft by 4ft, this huge, vinyl world map wall decal, which comes with 20 sticker pins, is an ideal way to display all the places you’ve traveled. It comes in almost every color you can imagine and is easy to remove should you ever want to take it down. Created by Vinylimpression. $77.88

14) World Map Temporary Tattoo

Best Travel Gifts on Etsy

Afraid of commitment? Outgrew temporary Spiderman tattoos? Try this temporary world map tattoo and feel what it’s like to be super cool, even if for just a few days. Check out their compass tattoo too. Created by SpiritInk. $5.49

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