Jan 02, 2015

The Best Photos from the Spring-Summer 2015 Men’s Fashion Campaigns

The collections for the spring-summer 2015 season are long out...

The collections for the spring-summer 2015 season are long out and fashion houses from around the world are now beginning to reveal their campaigns for the their collections.

Fashion and photography have always gone hand in hand, so it is great to see them redefined and adapted to the aesthetic of the year 2015. What we can see in these collections and photos, is that, even though they are very different one from the other, there is a common thread going among them. This common thread is represented by the very colorful aesthetic, both when it comes to clothes and to the environment in which the clothes were shot. A strong-on-strong aesthetic is the trend this summer and what a great trend it is!


The menswear world long needed a bolder way to express itself, a “here I am” attitude and a distinctive look. It is interesting how the powerful reds, blues, yellows, purples and even grays are at the same time very soft and tender.


More than that, it is always a pleasure to discover how photography can incorporate a whole lifestyle into a picture. When collections are presented on the runway, they give you a sense of the vibe they communicate and of the kind of man they represent. A short while after that, when the campaigns come out, one can see the dream being put into a picture.


Let’s discover together these dreams and see what the creative director of a series of amazing fashion brands propose for the upcoming SS season:



The Aramis collection introduces us to a new type of Indiana Jones. The Aramis man enjoys riding a helicopter and digging for a treasure, but he is one to do it in style. You know our saying: when you look good, you can do things better!



The Bottega Veneta Cruise campaign, starring model Janis Ancens is a new interpretation of an Alice in Wonderland- type story. Bottega Veneta has been playing with the concept of an inner young boy for a while and it is great to see how they redefined the concept this year.



With all the red we saw when Dolce and Gabbana showcased their great spring-summer 2015 collection, it came as a surprise to see that the backgrounds were quite muted for their campaign pictures. However, this is understandable, as a rather neutral background will let the clothes shine. And these clothes deserve to be in the spotlight. Their campaign makes the Spanish matadors fresh and makes you wonder whether these men truly exist.



Making use of complementary colors, Pierre Cardin wanted to make sure the clothes would pop and that they will be remembered. With a classic approach to tailoring, which is something Pierre Cardin has always done right, their campaign also features very futuristic eyewear that take the looks of the summer to a whole different level. Maybe to space.



Sit back and enjoy the heat of the summer, as underwear brand Charlie proves once again that the Attire Club belief is right: your clothes are half of what you are wearing: the rest must come from you.



If you wish to travel to exotic places this summer – make sure your wardrobe includes something from Triton. Their aesthetic is great for traveling and for making the best out of a great travel experience. In case you don’t have the time to travel, you can always enjoy a trip to your wardrobe and around the town if you own one of their clothes.



The Danward cruise campaign suggests a new, relaxed take on the summer. With pink flowers and a calm sea, they manage to transpose you in a warm paradise even if outside the weather is not suited for enjoying a swim.



Being consistent with themselves, Versace is getting all tough and decadent with their preview of the spring-summer 2015 campaign. The brand is always about getting more: More attitude, more gold, more muscle.



The Etro man seems to enjoy a versatile suit, but this does not mean that he enjoys a plain life. With a very vibrant and colorful aesthetic, Etro invites us the world of artisan arts and crafts and traditionally-made things.


Marlon-Teixeira-Agua-De-Coco-Spring-Summer-2015-Swimwear-CampaignAgua de Coco designated Marlon Teixeira as their leading man for their swimwear collection. In the end, isn’t this what summer should be all about? Taking a careless swim in a cool ocean, wearing the most comfortable thing in the world?


There are still many fashion houses that are still expected to release their visual campaigns, and we will look forward to seeing what they have prepared for us.

But until then, we can say that the warm season of 2015 is going to look promising and very, very colorful.


Fraquoh and Franchomme






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