Feb 12, 2014

The Best of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: En Noir Fall/Winter 2014 Mens Collection

En Noir Fall/Winter 204 Mens Collection should be aptly named...


En Noir Fall/Winter 204 Mens Collection should be aptly named “Back To Black” because that was the central theme for the prominent streetwear line.  The highly respected design house stayed true to their signature aesthetic and were able to produce cohesive, well constructed and wearable garments that appeal to audiences in all walks of life. 

Though the collection consisted of hoodies, jackets, overcoats and tops, En Noir manages to take remix the world of activewear by new introducing new silhouettes; from trousers, leggings, accessories (bags) as well as highly stylized vests you saw a premonition of what today’s savevy hipsters wishes to look like.   From the start of the show until the very end, En Noir proves they are ‘tougher than leather!’













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