Apr 18, 2013

The Best Hand Products for Men

Whether you work indoors on a dirt-collecting keyboard all day,...

Whether you work indoors on a dirt-collecting keyboard all day, or out in the construction field where hands are master tools, our hands are often overlooked; yet they are one of the most vital aspects of our wellbeing. They are exposed to most of your body and can transfer dirt, oil, and grime from the day, causing nasty infections. Or, they can bring about much needed gratification and joy to others and you.


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Your hands do a lot of talking, unbelievably. How you use them to emphasize certain points in an argument or to comfort and soothe are delicate communication indicators that are all part of the greater topic of body language. Your hands might be also be prone to letting the team down, as people unwittingly pay attention to these devices, and are offended by dry, cracked skin and brittle nails.

If you suffer from man-hands, unkempt organs growing out the end of your arms, then it is time to wax some elbow grease to get them back into shape:

1. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

O’Keeffe’s working hands cream is specifically formulated for men who are hard on their hands. No man should be without this essential item! If you suffer from excessively dry hands that chap or crack, this intensive formula will help to relieve the symptoms and adds a protective layer to the skin to prevent further damage. This is a fast-acting cream, with both immediate and long-term softness assured.


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2. Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème

While Burt’s Bees cuticle crème is naturally fragranced, the smell isn’t overwhelming or feminine. Cuticle creams are responsible for managing those tufts of skin that grow at the base of the nail bed, and can prevent infection. Avoid using teeth or scissors to remove the excess skin if they annoy you, as this skin is sensitive and highly susceptible to infection (plus it hurts like the clappers if you take too much off!). Simply rub into the nails to soothe.


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3. Satin Edge Rubber Grip Cuticle Pusher and Spoon Nail Cleaner

If you want salon results at home, this device is your magic ticket. A cuticle pusher is able to train your skin on the nail bed to fall into shape, and is one of the fastest ways to achieving a polished look. Both hands can be cleaned and maintained within a few minutes, and the look is clean, neat nails that are natural. If you are just starting out, push the cuticles back a small amount at a time and always use a cuticle crème after.


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4. Members Mark Hand Sanitizer

Another handy product to have at your fingertips is a hand sanitizer. Keep some around the house or in the truck as a quick fix when hands are feeling less than fresh and a proper scrub is unavailable. Hand sanitizers destroy bacteria that settle on hands, and are a great way to clean the hands before cutting nails or trimming/shaping cuticles. As they can dry out your hands, invest in a quality hand soap that moisturizes for between uses.


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5. Softsoap Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap Soothing Aloe Vera

Soaftsoap is available from most drug stores and is an inexpensive yet effective hand cleaner that leaves no residual texture or smell. Added Aloe Vera will hydrate skin to keep your hands soft and clean, and won’t raid the piggy bank. Buy a couple and put them in all the bathrooms in the house, cleaner hands can also improve your face and hair as you will be transferring less oil and dirt.


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6. Revlon Compact Emery File

You might think that emery files are for secretary’s that don’t have anything better to do with their day, but they make up for a large portion of hand control. It isn’t enough to cut your nails back, the ends will probably be “hang nails” that catch or cut on everything for a few days. Save the hassle and use one of these to smooth out the sides and shape of the nail (the good news is this doesn’t hurt and results last for a good while).


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7. Nautica Men’s Six Piece Manicure Gift Set In Wooden Valet Box

While not an essential item by any means, the Nautica men’s manicure set is one of those self-indulgent treats that will take you by surprise. Each item is built for a man’s hand and is a much more convenient package that trying to find scissors in the kitchen, or borrowing sets from your spouse (not to mention more hygienic). The design is as attractive as it is practical, and should be on every man’s wish list!


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For more hands on tips on how to keep your hands neat and clean, check out The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming!

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