Sep 16, 2013

The Best Business POWER Colors

In the boardroom there is a line that separates the...

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In the boardroom there is a line that separates the men from the boys; it’s not the items you wear but the colors they come in that may infringe on your promotion. Succeeding in Corporate America involves very few components: Education. Experience. Appearance. Power colors are what will get you the job and also what effects your performance.

Just like anything, colors exude confidence, security and authoritative behavior; wearing particular colors silently represent your ability to navigate among professional and social professional circles. So, what are power colors? Power colors range from dark tones of black, blue, green, red, and brown.

The Power Suit:

The best power colors are navy blue and dark grey. The darker the color, the higher the authority.When in doubt go for navy blue, it’s the universal power color for a suit. Navy practically goes with every combination in you closet – good or bad.

Wear black with caution. Although it may seem to be the likely and most common color, it appears threatening and a bit snobbish. Brown is a ‘new school’ power color; it is a non-threatening shade.


The Power Tie:

Choosing ties carefully is an art; it’s almost if not more important than selecting your suit. Your tie is the first place someone’s eyes will go.

Rep Ties will be your friend – Opt for stripes, small repeating patterns, dots, and Ivy League patterns. As fashion leans toward the motto ‘anything goes,’ we assure you wearing large patterns like floral prints and geometric patterns, and paisleys are not the way to go.

Power colors for ties should be great shades of yellow, blue and anything in the red family, including dark red, true red, cherry red, magenta and raspberry. Warm ties are classy and powerful.

A little tip: Your tie should contrast with the suit and the shirt but be leery of your tie length.

red tie3 ivy league style navy tie2 ivy league style3 Yellow tiebunte-anzüge-1 navy tie

The Power Shirt:

Dress shirts are so much more than a ‘shirt’ you throw on; there are shirt rules. White shirts are the most formal (for financial services). The best colors for shirts are French Blue (or baby blue), blue and white stripes (in any direction), powder pink and pale yellow.

A little tip: If you have a lighter complexion, wear Oxford Blue only if you do not intend to remove your jacket.It can be too pale for light skin. And if you’re unsure about collar options, a classic spread will work perfectly.

dress-shirt-oxford-blue dress-shirt-yellow dress-shirt-white dress-shirt-pink3

The Power Accessories:

No need to get fancy and search for something ‘new.’ Wear simple lace-ups like cap toes or wing tips. For the newbies, beware of cluncky soles; vets, be sure to invest in hand made shoes – it’s so worth it!

Wing Tip Cap Toe

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