Dec 06, 2013

The Artful Gentleman Approach

For entrepreneurs Nate Johnson and Jake Wall, it took an...

For entrepreneurs Nate Johnson and Jake Wall, it took an unexpected and delayed trip to Hong Kong to realize that key details in the art of bespoke tailoring needed to be revived. Having been inspired by this level of craftsmanship there and then determined to reinvigorate our culture with this pristine art form, Artful Gentleman was born as the fashion counterpart to Silicon Valley tech startups in the heart of San Francisco.


The fine level of tailoring that this duo is on a mission to provide, however, comes with even more than the artistry itself: they’re set to provide a comfort, fit and true effort to make you feel good in your own skin. To put it in their words, “Artful Gentleman is a self portrait of you in fabric.” That is, fine, exquisite fabric directly supplied by Italian mills at almost thirty to forty percent better grade than many suits we’re accustomed to. And how they use fabrics, mixing and matching them to create high quality suits with a playful spin, holds true to the “artful” that’s embedded their name.


This beige jacket that I’m wearing is actually lined with a black and white polka dot print, and the waistcoat has the same print for its silk back panel, which is a pretty slick contrast allowing for anyone to dress up or dress down one or both pieces. I paired it here with a simple white shirt, striped tie and gave nod to the inner lining with a polka dot pocket square. The trousers are actually a fine, seasonally fit herringbone with a slight drop crotch (of course) that I then completed with Cole Haan boots.


It worked perfectly that I was able to shoot these looks in my dear friend (and legendary stylist in his field) Freddie Leiba’s upper west side apartment. His home is literally an art exhibit with original works of treasured art at every turn, not to mention its panoramic views of Central Park. It’s no wonder his home has been featured in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest (just to name a few).


Given that Artful Gentleman and I are on opposite ends of the country, I couldn’t fully partake in the entire process that such tailoring requires, but considering the circumstances, we got pretty damn close to allowing me experience an Artful Gentleman approach. Next time I’m in San Francisco, I’ll make it a point to fully partake in bespoke tailoring and discover a pattern fit to my true self.


But for those not in the area, the company just launched in-demand ready-to-wear: their response providing these quality services the best they can, yet digitally (including formal womenswear). Here’s how it works. Visit their site, commit to a style you want and add it to your cart. Once they have enough backers for a particular product, they’ll make headway to begin fulfilling each order individually tailored to each of those who “backed” that product. One more look coming your way — stay tuned.

Wearing: Artful Gentleman Jacket & Vest // Zara Shirt // Kangol Hat
H&M Trousers // Cole Haan Boots // Somnoir Sunglasses

Photography by Michael Singer
A special thank you to Freddie Leiba

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