Aug 19, 2015

The Art Of Mixing Prints

Something that definitely separates the men from the boys in...

Something that definitely separates the men from the boys in the world of styling and personal fashion is the ability to step outside the box and come up with looks that the average guy (the “boy” in this example) wouldn’t normally throw together. Now, I’m not saying anything groundbreaking is happening here (I mean it’s shorts and a short-sleeved shirt), but putting some thought into what you’re wearing and how you put it together can take an outfit from ordinary to something pretty cool.

The art of mixing prints is not hard to master, but here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to becoming a style savant.

  1. Go Bold or Go Home: For the experts among us mixing bold prints with other bold prints can be done, but you are definitely going to get noticed. Pairing a paisley pant with a floral shirt can be done and is sure to make you look like a sartorial samurai. Just make sure that one doesn’t overpower the other. If it does it will make your look off-balance and not as well-perceived.
  2. Bold Yet Balanced: Big, bold prints can be intimidating but if you want to pair it with another printed piece opt for something simple. Balance the boldness with something subtle. A large floral print with a thin stripe. Or a large camo with a small polka dot. I’ll post a look about this soon…
  3. Subtle and Understated: My favorite way, and an easy way to master the art of print mixing, is to mix two smaller prints within the same color family. The look below works because both prints are small and uniform, but also because they both have a navy and white color palette.

A look like this is made of pieces that all guys should have in their closet. Everyone should have a printed short (I mean come on, 2015 is like the year of the floral) and a simple printed short sleeve shirt (i.e. gingham, stripes, dot, micro floral, etc.). You can recreate it easily! Don’t forget to style it by tucking and rolling your sleeves.

Checks and Dots 5Checks and Dots 1Checks and Dots 3 Checks and Dots 4Checks and Dots 2Checks and Dots 6


Shorts: similar // Shirt: similar // Shoes: c/o Rockport // Watch: Jack Spade // Belt: J.Crew // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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