May 04, 2015

Knits for Spring? It Can Be Done

Daily Mister takes his sweater from winter to spring with an easy DIY chop.

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Wearing: Sweater: Native Youth| Pants: Vintage| Shoes: Bostonian: Hat: The Kooples

As much as I complained about the weather previously on this blog, I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss wearing my favorite knits. I’ve been on a lazy guy DIY™ kick so on a whim I decided to crop my favorite sweater so I can get some more wears out of it. Now I totally get this might be a reach for some of y’ all BUT if you’re down to hop into that rabbit hole (wait am I the #menswear Morpheus?) then I suggest pairing with high waisted trousers or denim. When it gets cold again you can don them with your regular button downs and continue to play with proportion that way.

How do you guys plan on getting those last few wears out of your favorite fall/winter gear?

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