Nov 11, 2014

The Arrivals

Purchasing Outerwear has always been about compromise. If you want...

Purchasing Outerwear has always been about compromise. If you want that high end luxury jacket, it’s going to cost you. Looking to save a few bucks by going the fast fashion route? Yes, it’s considerably cheaper, but will the jacket hold up after a few wears?  These are the types of compromises we all go through whenever we think about purchasing some new outerwear. The new York based company, The Arrivals, is looking to flip the outerwear market upside down. By bridging the gap between affordability and quality well made coats, The Arrivals looks to  eliminate all compromises we have when it comes to purchasing a new coat or jacket for fall/winter.

The Arrivals is a new fashion startup that is looking to change the way consumers purchase outerwear. The company is approaching outerwear with a best of both worlds outlook by providing  top quality outerwear made at reasonable prices. All of The Arrivals  jackets are made in New York City , from the same factories where many of the high end luxury coats and jackets are made. The Arrivals also priced of all their jackets under the $700.00 (USD) mark. You might be thinking that this is too good to be true, but by selling directly to the customer online, The Arrivals was able to bypass and eliminate  traditional fashion middlemen and mark ups to keep prices low.

Now that you know the jackets are well made  and reasonably priced, how do they look? After taking a look at the collections 1.0 launch, The Arrivals is taking the perfect approach when it comes to directly selling menswear online. The initial collection was designed with a minimalist approach with a focus on fine detailing. All of the mens jackets feature silhouettes that look familiar (a motorcycle jacket, a denim jacket, a parka), but each jacket features unique modern  details. The designs of the collection were inspired by architecture, as the owners were full time architects before the inception of The Arrivals.

Here are some pieces from the initial launch

The Scarpa

The Scarpa is the most technical jackets from The Arrivals’ collection. The parka was designed to withstand rain and wind and made from a combination of poly spandex shell, rubberized italian twill, and breathable mesh hood lining. The Scarpa can currently be had for $345.00

The Atlas

The Atlas is The Arrivals take on a classic parka and designed to be worn for multiple seasons. The jacket is constructed from a wax finished, water and wind – resistant raw indigo denim, Merino – shearling lined hood, and a option to add a removable suede backed merino shearling liner. The Atlas is currently on sale for $345.00 and $585.00 with the additional lining.

The Launter

The Launter takes inspiration from the classic 1960’s motorcycle biker jacket,  but adds some modern modifications to make the jacket truly a modern day gem.  The biker jacket is made from heavy duty South American Leather and adds modern detailing such as a ribbed waist and cuff panels to provide a more tailored fit. The jacket is currently on sale for a very reasonable $585.00.

The Arrivals is one brand I definitely feel is poised  to do something special by offering high end outerwear at half the cost. It’s one brand I definitely am keeping tabs on, and can’t wait to get my hands one of their jackets.

The company is currently only shipping their coats and jackets within the United States, and is working on shipping internationally soon. For more information , please visit The Arrivals webshop.

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