Feb 21, 2015

The 25 Best Menswear Looks from NYFW FW 2015-16

After London, Milan and Paris it was New York’s turn...

After London, Milan and Paris it was New York’s turn to showcase the US designers’ vision of what fashion should look like in the fall-winter 2015-2016 season.

But, even though there were many great brands that participated and many interesting designs to see, the media and the web focused on some other New York Fashion Week-related news: Earlier this month, the Council of Fashion Designers of America announced that this year will be held the first edition of a men’s New York Fashion Week, which will take place at Skylight Clarkson Sq in SoHo between the 13th and 16th of July. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Kent and Curwen and many others have already announced their participation, which we are looking forward to with high anticipation.

Until then, however, this month’s Fashion Week had to show some interesting things of its own.

The numerous designers and fashion brands that showcased their fall-winter 2015 collections at NYFW were, of course, very different one from another. However, it looked like there were a few trends that we could see emerge in most of the shows.

First of all, we could see a lot of baggy designs, loose clothes and a lot of undefined cuts. This aesthetic, used by brands such as Skingraft seems to be making a comeback, as it had been quite in style back a few years ago. Moreover, we could see many what appeared to be undefined cuts: there seemed to be an overall consensus among designers that the world is in need of a blurry aesthetic for this winter. There were a lot of soft crossings between merging materials, textures and patterns (for example the Greg Lauren collection). These rugged looks were quite impactful and can be used as food for thought – is the world really so undefined these days?

Thirdly, among all these things, one could see a lot of gender-bending looks. This NYFW, one could see a lot of almost-lady-like looks go down the runway: from clothes that seemed to be veritable dresses to obvious skirt-pants and long hair styled more in a female aesthetic than in a manly manner; pushing the limits of gender seemed to be the norm for many brands such (for example Baja East). The array of what seemed to be more women’s clothes rather than men’s got us thinking of whether the collections should be actually based on sex or gender identity.

In parallel to all these elements, there were also many designers that showcased wearable, casual and accessible clothes. These seemed so do-able and were so relatable, that they seemed to be taken from a very stylish fashionisto’s closet (for example the Todd Snyder, the Ralph Lauren and the Porsche Design collections).

All in all, we can say that the collections displayed during this winter’s NYFW could be defined by one word, and that is “fashion forward”. Even though it often seemed that the spectacular was missing from some of the collections, we still think that sartorially-interested guys will be able to find a lot of inspiration in these collections. We sure did!

In the gallery below, we have selected our favorite 25 looks from the shows. Take a look at them and our commentary and make your own opinions.

Grungy Gentlemen made justice for their name and showed that you can be both grungy and a gentleman. After Gents unveiled their sporty fall-winter collection, there is no excuse for looking otherwise while exercising! Ernest Alexander proposed a youthful and stylish collection, perfect for everyday wear. Duckie Brown's flowy aesthetic should be one of next fall's trends, if you ask us. Simple, crisp and sophisticated were the words that defined the DKNY collection. The Asaf Ganot was a clean, clear and very stylish collection that showed how one can dress to be elegant and casual every day! Mixing sporty elements with dressy ones, Bespoken took a risk and won. Carlos Campos' collection was sleek, stylsih and perfect for a night out! David Hart created a very American collection that left us wanting more! Tim Coppens's models unveiled a futuristic aesthetic. This Sergio Davila look could be the next great thing, don't you think? Rochambeau presented a sporty collection of very stylish clothes that shwoed that you can be both sporty and fashionable. Ralph Lauren elevated the standards of elegance by a few notches with his collection. N. Hollywood's arctic expedition aesthetic made us dream of all the things we can go this winter. A little on the geeky side, Orley presented a collection of outfits perfect for young men. This Ovadia and Sons look shows that you can wear color without being ostentacious. Porsche Design had an extremely modern, clean and strong aesthetic that seemed relaxed and deep at the same time. Pyer Moss turned sports clothes into elegant items, which is why we really admired this collection. Malan Brenton presented a testosterone-filled collection that we really loved! Lacoste mixed complementary colors (blue and red) and paired the mix with a powerful neutral (beige). The result: a stylish outfit for an autumn walk down the lake shore. And the headband will keep you warm. This KYE outfit goes to show that men can wear a lot of shine without looking like they stepped down from a retrofuturisitc movie. John Elliot presented a sporty and luxurious collection that can keep the modern man warm during a cold, cold winter. This Hickey Freeman outfit is very sharp and elegant. The use of similar colors is always a very subtle aesthetic to use if you want to have an outstanding outfit.

NYFW wrapped up the series of major global fashion week events. We are definitely looking forward to the July event and can’t wait to see what designers will present at the first New York Fashion Week dedicated to men!

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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