Apr 29, 2013

TENT Returns With New Style

Usually when you hear of something made from reclaimed material,...


Usually when you hear of something made from reclaimed material, you picture something that’s good for the environment but bad for your eyes. Esther Porter has turned that idea on its head with this series of bags. The series of bags are titled TENT because all the bags are made from leftover festival tent material. No joke, these bags are recycled from old festival tents. Handmade in England in one of the last traditional leather craft studios these bags are legit innovation. They are stylish, sustainable and you can beat them up and they only get better. The tent fabric is combined with British hopsack cotton bonded with rubber to give it amazing sturdiness; thick cotton webbing and strong nickel hardware makes it waterproof. This bag is perfect for everyday style or on some wild jungle adventure, whatever you’re into. Not only that, you can tell people it’s made from recycled material so it sounds as if you care about the environment. Oh, you do actually care about the environment? Even better. This is the second time these bags have been featured on the Stylish Endeavors, biggest change from the Fall is that Esther Porter has introduced a backpack style for the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. You can learn more about the bags, process, and where you can find the new range of bags here.

Esther Porter mens 3low

Esther Porter mens low1y

Esther Porter mens B1low

Esther Porter mens 2low

Esther Porter mens 4low

Images Courtesy of Esther Porter

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