Apr 09, 2013

Tea Attire

Tea Attire I got invited to my first formal tea...







Tea Attire

I got invited to my first formal tea party. Tumblr, the CFDA’s Steven Kolb, Lela Rose, and Kusmi Tea invited twelve top fashion and photography Tumblr bloggers to her amazing Soho home to get to know her better and drink some amazing tea. What to where?

It was a casual event so dark, slim jeans, a button down, and a blazer was the way to go.

When we got to Lela’s home she was in her bare feet flying around the kitchen making everything from scratch! Biscuits, quail deviled eggs, and more! It was a magical day and expect an awesome post about it very soon.

[Quick edit: Thanks Fashionista for the awesome article and mention!]

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